34 Facts About TVNZ


Television New Zealand, more commonly referred to as TVNZ, is a television network that is broadcast throughout New Zealand and parts of the Pacific region.

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TVNZ was established in February 1980 following the merger of the two government-owned television networks, Television One and South Pacific Television, under a single administration.

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TVNZ was created in February 1980, through the merger of Television One and South Pacific Television .

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In 1989, TVNZ moved to a new television centre in central Auckland.

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The final version of the TVNZ Charter included a range of public service objectives and expectations.

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In early 2006, TVNZ purchased Harmonic branded H 262 encoding equipment for the upcoming Freeview DTH service, which is an Electra 1000 on-the-fly video re-encoder.

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On 14 November 2006, TVNZ announced plans to launch two commercial-free digital channels.

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Proposal was criticised by TV3, which accused the Government of "bailing out" TVNZ and argued that the money would be better spent on new programming.

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In mid 2013, TVNZ changed its on-screen branding to a more flat, modern look.

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TVNZ went fully digital in December 2013, with the accompanying shutdown of the analogue transmitters to free up spectrum for telecommunications use.

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In January 2017 TVNZ launched their 'New Blood Web Series Competition' supported by NZ On Air.

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In late 2010, TVNZ garnered criticism over various comments made by Breakfast host Paul Henry.

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TVNZ Board is the governing board of Television New Zealand.

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TVNZ's outside broadcasting division, Moving Pictures, provided the production facilities for such events with 8 OB trucks across the country.

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Internationally, TVNZ has helped provide television services in Pacific Island nations such as the Cook Islands, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands.

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From 2012, TVNZ OnDemand began uploading episodes of select shows prior to their airing on TVNZ channels and usually within a day of their original overseas airings .

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TVNZ began a teletext service in 1984 originally with the intention to help New Zealand's deaf community get improved access to news and information.

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In December 2012 TVNZ announced the closure of their Teletext service from 3 April 2013.

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TVNZ cited the reasons for the closure due to a decline in use particularly since most services are now available from the TVNZ website or other websites.

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Between 1995 and 1997, TVNZ operated a network of regional TV stations under the 'Horizon Pacific' name and through a subsidiary called Horizon Pacific Television.

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TVNZ operated a satellite services division organising and downlink facilities and across the globe, but this service was wound down in 2005.

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TVNZ 7 was launched in March 2008 and was a commercial-free news and information channel.

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TVNZ 7 was replaced with time shift channel TV One Plus 1 .

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TVNZ U was launched to fill the gap when TVNZ 6 closed in 2011.

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TVNZ U specialised in musical tastes, reality, gaming, fashion and informative youth orientated documentaries.

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On 29 July 2013, TVNZ announced that the channel would be closed on 31 August 2013 and be replaced by a time shift channel, TV2+1 .

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TVNZ Heartland was a pay-TV channel that launched on the Sky Television platform on 1 June 2010.

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TVNZ owns and operates the terrestrial transmission network used for broadcast of all major terrestrial television networks in New Zealand, including Discovery New Zealand.

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TVNZ used to run telethons up until 1990 at locations around the country, viewers would be shown full coverage of the Telethon nearest their location.

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Originally when TVNZ began broadcasting TV One and TV2 on Sky Digital at the end of 2001 viewers would see only nationwide or Auckland advertisements when watching these channels through the Sky Digital service.

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In Christchurch, the original TVNZ studios were located at Gloucester Street in the NZBC owned building used to broadcast 3YA and 3ZB.

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When TVNZ scaled back its Dunedin studios in 1989, they were purchased by Ian Taylor, the founder of Animation Research and Taylormade Media.

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TVNZ's functions are subject to lifeline utility requirements under NZ civil defence legislation.

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In practice, this status as a lifeline utility requires TVNZ to be able to function at least to a reduced level after an emergency, and to provide advice to civil defence authorities when requested.

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