13 Facts About Universal Life Church

1. Universal Life Church ordained Chris Harrison, the host of the wildly popular Bachelor and Bachellorette reality shows on June 28th 2012.

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2. Universal Life Church asks us to embrace with Him the mission of transforming the world by eliminating what is evil in ourselves first.

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3. Universal Life Church's is a happy housewife who likes to write articles when time permits.

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4. Universal Life Church's now lives in the US and is married to Dr Robert Hickson, and they have been blessed with two beautiful children.

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5. Universal Life Church's was speaking in her capacity as the President of the European Society of Catholic Theology.

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6. Universal Life Church said the device was stolen in the months before two of the man's roommates nearly died of overdoses.

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7. Universal Life Church often tells church members that they shouldn't feel shame if they use drugs while pursuing treatment and counseling for addiction.

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8. Universal Life Church founded Journey House, an expanding chain of sober living homes in Maine — one of which is the state's first such facility for women that allows medication-assisted treatment.

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9. Universal Life Church has not yet applied to become a certified syringe-exchange program.

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10. Universal Life Church respects law enforcement and will work with them where possible, Harvey said.

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11. Universal Life Church prefers when lawmakers acknowledge that secular celebrants wouldn't undermine current laws and make necessary adjustments.

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12. Universal Life Church was founded by Kirby J Hensley in 1959 under the name "Life Church" in Modesto, California.

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13. Universal Life Church is a non-denominational religious organization founded by Kirby J Hensley under the doctrine: "Do that which is right".

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