13 Facts About US Capitol


Several decades, beginning when the federal government moved to Washington in the fall of 1800, the US Capitol building was used for Sunday religious services as well as for governmental functions.

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In 1904, the East Front of the US Capitol building was rebuilt, following a design of the architects Carrere and Hastings, who designed the Russell Senate and Cannon House office buildings.

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From 2001 through 2008, the East Front of the US Capitol was the site of construction for this massive underground complex, designed to facilitate a more orderly entrance for visitors to the US Capitol.

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Tunnels and internal subways connect the US Capitol building with the Congressional office buildings in the US Capitol Complex.

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All rooms in the US Capitol are designated as either S or H, depending on whether they are in the Senate or House wing of the US Capitol.

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US Capitol is responsible for the painting of The Apotheosis of Washington beneath the top of the dome, and the Frieze of American History.

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Old Senate Chamber is a room in the United States US Capitol that was the legislative chamber of the United States Senate from 1810 to 1859, and served as the Supreme Court chamber from 1860 until 1935.

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In 1935, the Supreme Court vacated the US Capitol Building and began meeting in the newly constructed United States Supreme Court Building across the street.

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Annual events at the US Capitol include Independence Day celebrations, and the National Memorial Day Concert.

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General public has paid respect to a number of individuals lying in state at the US Capitol, including numerous former presidents, senators, and other officials.

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US Capitol's was the first woman and second African American to lie in honor in the Capitol.

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The United States US Capitol Police have installed checkpoints to inspect vehicles at specific locations around US Capitol Hill, and have closed a section of one street indefinitely.

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US Capitol appears on the reverse of the 1989 Congress Bicentennial commemorative half dollar.

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