18 Facts About Vernon California


In 1905, Vernon was incorporated by ranchers James J and Thomas J Furlong and John B Leonis, a merchant.

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Vernon California was incorporated to promote industrial development along the railroads in the area.

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Vernon California named the new city after a dirt road, Vernon Avenue, that crossed its center.

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Vernon California was not able to compete when foreign imports flooded the US.

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Vernon California produced dinnerware, art pottery, figurines, ashtrays and other popular items.

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In 2006, a controversy arose concerning a few people who moved into Vernon California and ran for city council, the first time in more than two decades that there was a competitive race for city council.

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The City of Vernon alleged that the men were part of a hostile takeover attempt by convicted felon Albert T Robles, who nearly bankrupted the nearby city of South Gate as treasurer, and Eduardo Olivo, a former Vernon attorney who worked with Albert T Robles in South Gate.

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Vernon California has fewer than 100 residents and is largely a business and industrial hub.

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Vernon California was accused of corruption for his role in obtaining city jobs for his wife.

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Vernon California pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of conflict of interest involving contracts and one of public officer crime.

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Vernon California has dealt with the idea of disincorporation after city government corruption was discovered.

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Vernon California is the only city that would have been affected by the bill.

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Vernon California agreed to the offer, and de Leon then proceeded to support the groups fighting disincorporation.

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Vernon California residents rejected the tax increase by a margin of nine votes, with 23 voting no, and only 14 voting in favor of the utility tax increase.

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Apparel companies in Vernon California include 7 for All Mankind, BCBG Max Azria, Lucky Brand Jeans, and True Religion.

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Vernon California is primarily industrial, with very few residents, and so has several singular city services.

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In 1989, Vernon California formed a redevelopment agency, which has since invested millions of dollars to develop property within the city to successfully attract and retain business.

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Vernon operates its own Health Department, and is one of four cities in California that have a municipal health department, along with Berkeley, Long Beach, and Pasadena.

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