14 Facts About West Midtown


West Midtown, known as Westside, is a colloquial area, comprising many historical neighborhoods located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Once largely industrial, West Midtown is the location of urban lofts, art galleries, live music venues, retail and restaurants.

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West Midtown is directly west of Midtown Atlanta, hence that name.

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The name "West Midtown" is used by the neighbors' association in Home Park, the largest constituent neighborhood, the West Midtown Business Association, and Westside Provisions, a privately run commercial district.

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Borders of West Midtown are not defined officially by the city, as it encompasses several neighborhoods spread over multiple NPUs.

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Generally, though, West Midtown is bordered to the east by Northside Drive and Georgia Tech, to the north by Buckhead, to the west by Marietta Boulevard and Marietta Road, and to the south by Hollowell Parkway.

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Once a largely abandoned industrial area, West Midtown has seen large amounts of gentrification and infill, with an eclectic mix of new lofts, restaurants, shops, art galleries, salons and professional firms.

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West Midtown has become a popular location for the offices of high-tech companies seeking the open floor plans and loft office space, including the Atlanta offices of Facebook, located at Brickworks.

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West Midtown is a popular stop for food lovers due to the fact that some of Atlanta's trendiest high-end restaurants are located in the district.

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Many of West Midtown's dining establishments have garnered national attention and favor with local foodies such as Bacchanalia, Abattoir, Miller Union, Bocado, and The Optimist, chef Ford Fry's seafood restaurant.

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West Midtown has an arts scene that rivals Midtown, Atlanta's premier arts district.

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West Midtown is home to three arts centers: the Goat Farm Arts Center, the Westside Cultural Arts Center and the King Plow Arts Center.

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West Midtown is home to live music venues and drinking establishments.

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West Midtown is home to popular nightlife destinations, especially Ormsby's, a bar and restaurant featuring bocce ball courts, and Northside Tavern, a self-described "dive bar" that offers live Blues performances.

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