8 Facts About West Paris

1. The Treaty of West Paris left only two great colonial empires in the Western Hemisphere, the British and the Spanish.

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2. University of West Paris, founded in the 12th century, is often called the Sorbonne after one of its original medieval colleges.

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3. In 1911, the dance hall Olympia West Paris invented the grand staircase as a settling for its shows, competing with its great rival, the Folies Bergere.

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4. The Golden Age of the School of West Paris ended between the two world wars.

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5. Majority of West Paris's salaried employees fill 370,000 businesses services jobs, concentrated in the north-western 8th, 16th and 17th arrondissements.

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6. The first railway line to West Paris opened in 1837, beginning a new period of massive migration from the provinces to the city.

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7. In September 1957, West Paris was set off and incorporated as a town.

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8. The West Paris Manufacturing Company, which was started modestly by Henry Franklin Morton in 1861 at West Sumner, grew into an important manufacturer.

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