11 Facts About 20th Television


Original incarnation of 20th Television was the syndication and distribution arm of 20th Century Fox Television until it was folded into Disney–ABC Domestic Television in 2020.

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In mid-1990, Twentieth 20th Television had sold the sitcom Working Girl to the NBC television network.

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Twentieth 20th Television offered the variety series In Living Color to the Fox television network, which introduced the talent of stars like Keenan Ivory Wayans and David Alan Grier.

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Twentieth 20th Television distributed the show Cop Rock, produced by Steven Bochco Productions for ABC via development deal this same season.

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Also at midseason, Twentieth 20th Television had purchased The Sunday Comics to the Fox television network.

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Twentieth 20th Television distributed the midseason cartoon Capitol Critters, a joint production of Hanna-Barbera and Steven Bochco, to the ABC television network in the spring of 1992, along with the Fox comedy Stand By Your Man, which is part of a contract between Twentieth 20th Television and British producer WitzEnd Productions.

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That same season, Twentieth 20th Television is distributing a cop show and another high-profile project NYPD Blue to the ABC television network, produced by Steven Bochco Productions, which would go on to last for twelve seasons.

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In 2012,20th Century Fox Television was reorganized as a separate unit of News Corporation.

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Original incarnation of 20th Television was the television syndication and distribution arm of 20th Century Fox Television and the 20th Century Fox movie studio.

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On December 1,2020,20th Television took over the television function of Touchstone Television.

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Four Star 20th Television, called Four Star International, is an American television production company.

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