30 Facts About Abner Jenkins


Abner Jenkins later formed his own criminal organization known as the Sinister Syndicate.

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Abner Jenkins became known as "MACH-1", using a modified version of his Beetle armor that was designed for faster flight and higher altitude.

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Abner Jenkins was convinced to give himself over to authorities to serve out an outstanding prison sentence in exchange for the Thunderbolts being granted immunity.

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Abner Jenkins later began working at the Raft maximum security prison as head of security and re-joined the Thunderbolts, now a team of reformed criminals trying to earn time off their sentence by working for the government.

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In subsequent storylines all members of the team, including Abner Jenkins, became disillusioned with their leader, Baron Helmut Zemo, and decided to reform and become actual heroes.

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Abner Jenkins kidnapped Human Torch's girlfriend, and Human Torch briefly battled Spider-Man, thinking he was in league with Beetle.

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Abner Jenkins battled Daredevil and then, allied with Gladiator, fought him again.

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Abner Jenkins later became a member of the group of supervillains who briefly posed as the Defenders in order to confuse the authorities and earn a bit of public trust.

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Abner Jenkins's offer accepted, Beetle was dispatched against the original Iron Man, as part of a battalion of costumed criminals.

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Abner Jenkins then invested all of the capital he could acquire into the modification and refinement of his Beetle armor.

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Abner Jenkins was later freed from prison by Egghead who recruited him for his Masters of Evil organization.

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Abner Jenkins was the first member of the team to do something because it was right rather than because it benefited the plan, providing Spider-Man with evidence to clear his name after an android framed the web-swinger for a series of thefts after the two were forced to fight the rest of the Thunderbolts under mind-control and Spider-Man saved Jenkins' life.

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When Hawkeye took over the group's leadership, he convinced Abner Jenkins to serve out the remainder of his prison term as a show of good faith to the public, but another criminal used the Beetle guise to frame him.

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Abner Jenkins agreed, using a newly designed armor to operate as the Beetle once more.

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Abner Jenkins created the "MACH-2" battle-suit after modifying his MACH-1 armor with the aid of Techno.

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Ironically, Abner Jenkins found himself employment with the Burton Canyon police department as a tech support specialist.

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Abner Jenkins was given new armor provided by Citizen V's financiers, the V-Battalion, and called himself "MACH-3".

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Nevertheless, Abner Jenkins appeared to be going through the motions; his heart being elsewhere as his relationship with Songbird was thought to be lost.

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Six months, Abner Jenkins had been a model prisoner at Parsons Minimum Security prison in Illinois.

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Abner Jenkins has since had his skin and face changed back to his original appearance, and has resumed contact with Songbird.

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Abner Jenkins found himself the group's leader and lover to Songbird.

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Abner Jenkins brings Luke Cage below sea level where they are introduced to Man-Thing who will serve as the Thunderbolts' mode of transportation.

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Abner Jenkins has no superhuman powers, but has extensive knowledge of mechanics and engineering.

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Abner Jenkins appears alongside the Thunderbolts in the Dead Days one-shot of the Marvel Zombies miniseries wearing an early version of his MACH suit, and alongside the rest of the group is seen attacking first Thor and then Nova.

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Abner Jenkins is quickly killed by a blast of flame from the Human Torch.

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Abner Jenkins is a scientist secretly working for the Human Resistance who is part of an elite sapien military unit the Howling Commandos and Jim Sanders.

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Ultimate Marvel version of Abner Jenkins is alluded on a list of cat burglars on the Daily Bugle's database.

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An older Abner Jenkins appears in Old Man Hawkeye, a prequel to Old Man Logan.

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Years later, Abner Jenkins is working in a Doombot factory in Kree Haven before Hawkeye arrives to kill him for revenge for his betrayal.

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Old Man Logan incarnation of Abner Jenkins appears in the Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye podcast episode "Cards Up", voiced by Ron Canada.

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