20 Facts About ABS-CBN Entertainment


The network is headquartered at the ELJ Communications Center and ABS-CBN Entertainment Broadcasting Center in Quezon City, with additional offices and production facilities in 25 major cities including Baguio, Naga, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao, and Bulacan, where ABS-CBN Entertainment's production and post-production facility in Horizon IT Park is located.

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ABS-CBN Entertainment is colloquially referred to as the Kapamilya Network; the branding was originally introduced in 1999 and was officially introduced in 2003 during the celebration of its 50th anniversary and was used until its May 5,2020 shutdown when the network's branding changed to Kapamilya Forever in support for the network's franchise renewal on May 13,2020.

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ABS-CBN Entertainment is the largest media company in the country and oldest television broadcaster in Southeast Asia.

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ABS-CBN Entertainment is the first television network in Southeast Asia to broadcast in color, and one of the oldest commercial television broadcasters in Asia.

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On October 3,2015, ABS-CBN Entertainment started to broadcast in high-definition through its affiliate direct-to-home cable and satellite television providers.

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One unique thing about ABS-CBN Entertainment's logo is that it has a horizontal version, usually used to save space as the main vertical logo usually takes up more space than the horizontal one.

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In 1993, which happens to be the Chinese Year of the Rooster, ABS-CBN Entertainment relaunched the Sarimanok with a new station ID featuring the legendary bird.

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ABS-CBN Entertainment later named its new 24-hour news channel the Sarimanok News Network, the precursor of the ABS-CBN Entertainment News Channel.

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In 1961, the ABS-CBN Entertainment brand was introduced and its first logo had a big letter B, unifying the names ABS and CBN, in a box placed between their channel numbers 3 and 9.

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On January 1,2000, the ABS and CBN acronym again merged after 33 years but the ABS-CBN Entertainment text is located below the symbol instead of the above like the 1963 logo and the hyphen is used between acronyms instead of a dot.

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ABS-CBN Entertainment Regional served as the regional network division of ABS-CBN Entertainment.

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ABS-CBN Entertainment Regional had several stations in each region outside Mega Manila to ensure nationwide coverage.

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ABS-CBN Entertainment Regional ceased its operations with 12 TV Patrol's regional newscasts and 10 morning shows ended their broadcast on August 28,2020, after almost 32 years following the denial of its legislative franchise on July 10.

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ABS-CBN Entertainment is responsible for original programs ranging from musical and variety shows, showbiz, lifestyle, comedy talk shows, comedy, gag shows, and sitcoms.

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ABS-CBN Entertainment acquires and syndicates program formats from abroad and in the Philippines to serve as a replacement on its free-to-air television channels, such as TV5 and A2Z Channel 11.

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On January 22,2008, Asia-Pacific Director Jacqueline Park of the International Federation of Journalists supported the petition for writ of amparo filed by the ABS-CBN Entertainment Broadcasting Corporation's 11 employees with the Supreme Court to rule on the legality of journalists' arrests concerning the failed Manila Peninsula rebellion.

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ABS-CBN Entertainment demanded from their former reality show star, Willie Revillame, citing copyright infringement due to stark similarities in Revillame's show, Willing Willie on TV5, and ABS-CBN Entertainment's Wowowee.

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ABS-CBN Entertainment listed 5 acts of plagiarism allegedly committed by Willing Willie in their complaint as follows:.

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Since April 2017, ABS-CBN Entertainment came under fire by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte due to the network refusing to air his 2016 presidential campaign ads in favor of a smear ad paid for by-then vice presidential candidate Antonio Trillanes.

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ABS-CBN Entertainment explained that it would not be in public interest to have the frequencies recalled, as this would hinder their ability to immediately restart broadcasts in the event a new franchise was granted.

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