51 Facts About Adana


One of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements of the world and with a name unchanged for at least four millennia, Adana was a market town at the Cilicia plain and one of the gateways from Europe to the Middle East.

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Adana is located on the 37th parallel north at the northeastern edge of the Mediterranean, where it serves as the gateway to the Cilicia plain.

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From Adana, crossing Cilicia westwards, the road from Tarsus enters the foothills of the Taurus Mountains, eventually reaching an altitude of nearly 4, 000 feet.

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Seyhan River that passes through Adana, occasionally flooded the city until embankments were built in the 1900s.

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Adana is considered to be the oldest city of Cilicia, and with a history of 8-millennia, it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world.

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Adana was of relatively minor importance during the Roman's influential period, while nearby Tarsus and Anazarbus were the metropolises of the area.

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Adana was a Christian bishopric, a suffragan of the metropolitan see of Tarsus, but was raised to the rank of autocephalous archdiocese after 680, the year in which its bishop appeared as a simple bishop at the Third Council of Constantinople, but before its listing in a 10th-century Notitiae Episcopatuum as an archdiocese.

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Adana then gathered a troop to regain his power, though got defeated and had to retreat his troop to Adana.

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Adana was forced to surrender by the garrison in Adana upon receiving assurances of his personal safety.

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Adana built the first canals for irrigation and transportation and built a water system for the residential areas of the town, including wheels raising the water of the river for public fountains.

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Adana had evolved to be a hub for cotton trade and one of the most prosperous cities of the Empire within decades.

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Ali Munif immediately deported 250 families from Adana who were accused of insurrection many Armenians daily at Kurukopru Square.

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Unlike the deportees of other Vilayets, a good portion of Adana Armenians were sent to Damascus and further south, thus were avoided from the death camps of Deir ez-Zor by the personal request of Djemal Pasha.

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The subsequent evacuation of thousands of Armenians from Sis and its environs and their migration to Adana, raised the number of Armenians in the city to more than 100, 000.

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Adana was one of the cities with the most confiscated property, thus muhacirs from Balkans and Crete, migrants from Kayseri and Darende were relocated in the Armenian and Greek neighborhoods of the city.

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City of Adana is referred as the area that is within the borders of Adana Metropolitan Municipality.

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Adana Municipality was incorporated in 1871 though the city continued to be governed by the muhtesip system until 1877 by the first mayor Gozluklu Suleyman Efendi.

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Adana is one of the first industrialized cities, as well as one of the economically developed cities of Turkey.

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Financial and human capital flight from Adana further increased since 2002 with the current national governing party, AKP, due to neo-liberal centralization policies similar to Ozal's and in addition, hidden policy not to invest in major projects in a city nonaligned with AKP version of conservatism.

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Adana is an industrialized city where large-scale industry is based mostly on agriculture.

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Marsan-Adana is the largest margarine and plant oil factory in Turkey.

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Adana is home to a community of around 2, 000 British and Americans serving at the Incirlik NATO Air Base.

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Adana is a stronghold of Alevism, many Alevis having moved to the city from Kahramanmaras after the incidents in 1978.

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Arabs of Adana are mostly Alawi, which is often confused with Alevis.

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Golden age for the architecture of Adana was the late 15th and 16th centuries when Ramadanid principality chose Adana as their capital.

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Adana is home to modern Turkey's historic Armenian architecture, which can be found behind the city's central modern buildings.

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One of the major elements that define the society of Adana is the agriculture-based living and its extension, agriculture-based industrial culture.

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Adana cuisine is influenced mainly from Yoruk, Arabic and Armenian cuisine and the city has kept up its traditions.

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The bulghur used in cooking is specific to Adana, made from dark colored hard wheat species with a preferred flavor.

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Adana Kebab, called "Kebap" locally, is a kebab made from minced meat.

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Adana Kebab is the most popular dining choice in Adana, although foods from other cultures are becoming increasingly popular.

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Adana Kebab is usually served with onion salad, green salad or with well-chopped tomato salad.

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Adana Turkgucu were founded in 1913 by Ahmet Remzi Bey and Ismail Sefa Bey in alliance with the Istanbul Turkgucu club that is initiated by the Committee of Union and Progress.

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Athletic clubs of Adana joined the Cilician Olympic Games that were held in April 1914 at a venue north of Dortyol, first of its kind in the region.

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Adana hosted the 2013 IWBF Men's U23 Wheelchair Basketball World Championship.

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In women's football, Adana Idmanyurduspor competes in the First Football League, and plays their home games at the Genclik Stadium.

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Adana ASKI are the major clubs in Women's Pro-Basketball—both performing in the Turkish Women's Basketball League.

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Adana ASKI was founded in Ceyhan in 2000, under the name 'Ceyhan Belediyespor', and renamed and moved to Adana in 2014.

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Professional volleyball club Adana Toros was promoted to the top flight of the Turkish Men's Volleyball League on 12 April 2016 at the play-off finals in Bursa.

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Water polo team of Adana Demirspor is a legend in the community, joining the Turkish Waterpolo League in 1942 after the first modern water sport venue of Turkey, Ataturk Swimming Complex, opened in Adana in 1936.

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Adana Sailing Club competes at sailing regattas in different categories.

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In swimming, Erdal Acet of Adana Demirspor is a prominent figure in Adana, who broke the record of swimming Canal La Manche in 9 hours and 2 minutes in 1976.

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Adana is one of the cities of Turkey where horse racing is highly popular.

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Adana University for Science and Technology is a recently opened state university that has nine faculties, two institutions and a college.

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Adana is a major health center to a wide region from Mediterranean to Southeastern Anatolia.

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Adana is on the major route that connects Europe to the Middle East.

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Adana has two intercity coach terminals providing service to almost all the cities and towns in Turkey.

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Coach companies that serve transportation to cities west of Adana, depart from Central Coach Terminal, whereas the buses that serve cities east of Adana depart from Yuregir Coach Terminal.

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Local transport in Adana is provided by Adana Transit Corporation and by dolmus and bus co-operatives.

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Adana Metro is a rail rapid transit system that extends 14 kilometres from the north-west to the city center and then to Yuregir.

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City of Adana is mostly flat and the warm weather makes it convenient for all year cycling and walking.

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