10 Facts About Alevis

1. Alevis believe in the unity of Allah, Muhammad, and Ali, but this is not a trinity composed of God and the historical figures of Muhammad and Ali.

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2. Alevis remains at God's service, but rejects the final test and turns back to darkness.

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3. Alevis celebrate and commemorate the birth of Ali, his wedding with Fatima, the rescue of Yusuf from the well, and the creation of the world on this day.

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4. Some Alevis make pilgrimages to mountains and other natural sites believed to be imbued with holiness.

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5. Alevis are expected to give Zakat but not in the Orthodox-Islamic sense rather there is no set formula or prescribed amount for annual charitable donation as there is in Orthodox Islam.

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6. Alevis accept Twelver Shi'a beliefs about Ali and the Twelve Imams.

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7. Alevis are classified as a sect of Shia Islam, and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini decreed Alevis to be part of the Shia fold in the 1970s.

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8. DW journalist Dorian Jones states that Turkish Alevis are suspicious of the anti-Assad uprising in Syria.

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9. Some sources mistake Alawites living in Turkey to be Alevis (calling Alevis "a blanket term for a large number of different heterodox communities"), but others do not, giving a list of the differences between the two groups.

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10. The Alevis are traditionally predominantly rural and acquire identity by parentage.

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