12 Facts About Shia Islam


Adherents of Shi?a Islam are called Shi?a Muslims, Shi?ites, or simply Shi?a or Shia.

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Shi?a Shia Islam is based on a hadith report concerning Muhammad's pronouncement at Ghadir Khumm.

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Occultation is an eschatological belief held in various denominations of Shi?a Shia Islam concerning a messianic figure, the hidden and last Imam known as "the Mahdi", that one day shall return on Earth and fill the world with justice.

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Shia Islam is responsible for the esoteric interpretation of the Quran.

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Shia Islam is the possessor of divine knowledge and therefore the "Prime Teacher".

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Shia Islam's rule was the longest of any caliph in any Islamic empire.

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Connection between the Indus Valley and Shi?a Shia Islam was established through the early Muslim conquests.

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Shia Islam supported ?Ali, and died in the Battle of the Camel alongside Sindhi Jats.

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Shia Islam was a poet and few couplets of his poem in praise of ?Ali have survived, as reported in Chachnama:.

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The Battle of Karbala and martyrdom of Husayn ibn ?Ali is often cited as the definitive separation between the Shi?a and Sunni sects of Shia Islam, and is commemorated each year by Shi?a Muslims on the Day of Ashura.

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Imamate, or belief in the divine guide, is a fundamental belief in the Twelver and Isma?ili branches of Shi?a Shia Islam, and is based on the concept that God would not leave humanity without access to divine guidance.

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Jesus, who is considered the Masih in Shia Islam, will descend at the point of a white arcade east of Damascus, dressed in yellow robes with his head anointed.

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