19 Facts About Ade Olufeko


Ade Abayomi Olufeko was born on 1980, and is an American-born designer, technologist, and entrepreneur primarily active in Lagos.

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Ade Olufeko is the founder of Visual Collaborative, an American festival, and publishing platform that partners with artists, scientists, lawyers, and innovators on socio-economics.

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Ade Olufeko was born in the Upper Midwest city of Minneapolis.

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Ade Olufeko is an alumnus of Metropolitan State University, where he studied computer science and multimedia.

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Ade Olufeko began his technology career in youth during the dot-com era, working in motion graphics, the internet and hardware for companies such as Ameritech and 3M spinoff Imation.

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Ade Olufeko's focus developed into digital strategy and information architecture, consulting for companies in media, technology, health and finance industries such as Atlantic Records, PayPal, Adobe Systems, Bank of America and Shavlik Technologies; to American celebrities such as Amel Larrieux and other high-profile personalities.

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Ade Olufeko assumed the role of web manager at SICO America, an international furniture and hospitality company.

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Ade Olufeko collaborated with architects and assembly personnel in North America, Europe, Asia, Japan, and South Pacific regions for a year before parting ways to realign his career with emerging Web 2.

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In 2007, Ade Olufeko founded Visual Collaborative, a seasonal traveling exhibition.

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Ade Olufeko moderated the socio-cultural panel, which featured fashion designer Ozwald Boateng OBE, media personality Banky W, the manager of the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti; Rikki Stein, joined by an executive of Sony Music West Africa, Michael Ugwu.

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Ade Olufeko's lectures engage technology with contemporary issues such as governance, ethics, innovation and culture.

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In 2019, Ade Olufeko delivered the opening keynote at the Africana conference for African Peace and Development at Yale University, where he served as a panelist imparting on topics of Innovation and Development in Africa.

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In 2017, Ade Olufeko spoke at TEDxIkeja on Visual Metaphors and its collaborations.

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Ade Olufeko has appeared on TVC news and Voice Of America, the latter described Olufeko as an expert who advances the cause of humanities in the creative economy.

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In November 2018, Ade Olufeko was invited to speak at the Nigerian Diaspora Investment Summit.

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Ade Olufeko is a former member of the Society for Neuroscience.

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In 2021, Ade Olufeko created and introduced the wax print version of the indigenous AYO mancala in Ankara to enter the consumer market with 200 units.

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In various interviews, Ade Olufeko credited the social cohesion of Surulere, and places like the National Arts Theatre as leaving lasting impressions during his childhood.

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Ade Olufeko served as the guest editor-in-chief for the Polaris open-access e-journal.

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