16 Facts About African-American Muslims


African-American Muslims, colloquially known as Black Muslims, are an African American religious minority.

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The history of African-American Muslims is related to African-American history in general, and goes back to the Revolutionary and Antebellum eras.

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Cities with large concentration of African-American Muslims include Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Newark, Washington.

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African-American Muslims stated that Fard was not divine and that his father was not a prophet.

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African-American Muslims rejected literal interpretations of his father's theology and Black-separatist views and on the basis of his intensive independent study of Islamic law, history, and theology, he accepted whites as fellow worshipers.

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African-American Muslims forged closer ties with mainstream Muslim communities, including Hispanic and Latino American Muslims.

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African-American Muslims claimed it was a sect of Islam but he drew inspiration from Buddhism, Christianity, Gnosticism, and Taoism.

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African-American Muslims provided three main principles which serve as the foundation of the NOI: "Allah is God, the white man is the devil and the so-called Negroes are the Asiatic Black People, the cream of the planet earth".

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African-American Muslims deified Fard, saying that he was an incarnation of God, and taught that he was a prophet who had been taught directly by God in the form of Fard.

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African-American Muslims left the NOI after being silenced for 90 days, and proceeded to form Muslim Mosque, Inc and the Organization of Afro-American Unity before his pilgrimage to Mecca and conversion to Sunni Islam.

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African-American Muslims is viewed as the first person to start the movement among African Americans towards Sunni Islam.

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African-American Muslims led the organization toward Sunni Islam and renamed it the World Community of Islam in the West the following year.

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African-American Muslims renamed it the World Community of al-Islam in the West; later it became the American Society of Muslims.

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African-American Muslims removed the chairs in the organization's temples, and replaced the entire "temple" concept with the traditional Muslim house of worship, the mosque, teaching how to pray the salat, to observe the fasting of Ramadan, and to attend the pilgrimage to Mecca.

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Small number of Black African-American Muslims however rejected these new reforms brought by Imam Mohammed.

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In recent times, many any Ahmadi African-American Muslims fled countries like Pakistan as refugees due to persecution; this has brought a small second wave of Ahmadis to the United States.

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