13 Facts About Air Inter


Air Inter was a semi-public French domestic airline.

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Air Inter was founded as a semi-public entity to provide efficient domestic air transport at the lowest cost.

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Air Inter changed to Air Inter Europe following a merger with Air France and UTA.

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Air Inter primarily operated high-frequency scheduled internal flights from Paris Orly to cities in metropolitan France, principally Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Mulhouse.

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Air Inter linked Orly with additional second and third-tier provincial French towns as well as with all three commercial airports on Corsica.

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Many of Air Inter's routes serving smaller towns were contracted to TAT.

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Only other domestic air routes on which Air Inter competed with Air France in the pre-liberalisation era were routes linking the mainland with Corsica.

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Annual passenger numbers on Air Inter's domestic scheduled network grew steadily to 21 million, actually beating Air France one year.

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Air Inter was one of the few European ultra short-haul, mainline scheduled operators to be profitable most of the time and was a forerunner of today's low-cost airlines in Europe.

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On 1 January 1995, Air Inter lost its monopoly on the domestic trunk routes from Paris Orly.

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Air Inter pioneered Category 3 all-weather landings and started operating Category 3 minima with Caravelles — upgrading with enhanced head-up displays on Mercure and A320s.

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Air Inter was an early operator of the Airbus A300, the European aircraft manufacturer's first commercial jetliner and the airline's first widebodied aircraft.

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Air Inter was a launch customer for the Dassault Mercure, the French answer to the Boeing 737, as well as the Airbus A320, the only airline customer in the world for the former and joint launch customer with Air France and British Caledonian for the latter.

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