12 Facts About Air France

1. On 7 January 2009, Air France officially changed its logo to a red stripe.

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2. In 2010 Air France migrated from an internally managed Passenger service system that manages reservation, inventory and pricing to an external system (Altea) managed by Amadeus.

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3. On 28 August 1959 Air France opened a ticket and information agency in the former air terminal in Invalides, targeting transit passengers and customers from offices and companies in the Invalides area.

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4. In December 2013, Air France announced that Cityjet no longer meets the short haul needs of the group and is in the process of closing a deal with German firm Intro Aviation by the end of Q1 of 2014.

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5. In September 2013, Air France introduced a brand new Economy product along with an improved Premium Economy seat and service.

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6. On 22 February 2012, Air France released their plan for summer schedule.

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7. In 1988, Air France was a launch customer for the fly-by-wire A320 narrowbody twin, along with Air Inter and British Caledonian.

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8. In 1983 Air France began passenger flights to South Korea, being the first European airline to do so.

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9. In 1952 Air France moved its operations and engineering base to the new Paris Orly Airport South terminal.

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10. On 1 July 1946, Air France started direct flights between Paris and New York via refuelling stops at Shannon and Gander.

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11. In 1936, Air France added French-built twin engine Potez 62 aircraft to its fleet featuring a two compartment cabin that could accommodate 14 to 16 passengers.

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12. On 25 July 2000, a Concorde that Air France owned crashed on a hotel in Gonesse.

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