48 Facts About Garuda Indonesia


Garuda Indonesia is the flag carrier of Indonesia, headquartered at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport.

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At its peak from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s, Garuda Indonesia operated an extensive network of flights all over the world, with regularly scheduled services to Adelaide, Cairo, Fukuoka, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome and other cities in Europe, Australia and Asia.

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Name Garuda Indonesia is taken from the Hindu tradition, which is the name of Lord Vishnu's mount and was introduced in 1949.

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In 1985 under Reyn Altin Johannes Lumenta, who had been CEO since 1984, Garuda Indonesia made the controversial decision to hire foreign brand consultants Landor Associates to create a new logo, livery and brand for the airline, a project that was regarded as expensive and unnecessary at the time.

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Under Lumenta, Garuda increased the number of flight frequencies and destinations, reduced ticket prices and collaborated with Merpati Nusantara Airlines, introducing flexible tickets valid for both Indonesian airlines.

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Largely due to historical links with the Netherlands, Garuda Indonesia continued to operate flights to Amsterdam after the initial cutbacks.

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Garuda Indonesia died approximately two hours before arrival into Amsterdam, sparking an international controversy, during which time Priyanto, along with CEO Indra Setiawan and deputy Rohainil Aini, were all convicted of his murder, although it has been alleged it was under orders from the Indonesian State Intelligence Agency.

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In November 2007, Garuda Indonesia announced its intention to fly to Amsterdam from Jakarta and Denpasar with either Airbus A330 or Boeing 777 aircraft if the EU lifted its ban on 28 November 2007, the EU stated that the safety reforms already undertaken were a step in the right direction for the EU to consider lifting the ban, but still did not satisfy the EU's aviation safety standards, and thus, did not lift its ban.

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The ban was lifted in July 2009, after which Garuda Indonesia began evaluating service to Amsterdam and other European destinations, as well as the United States.

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In 2013, Garuda Indonesia's won the Skytrax World's Best Cabin Crew Awards, and in 2018, Garuda Indonesia's won the awards again for the fifth consecutive year.

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At the Paris Air Show 2011, Garuda Indonesia announced a firm order of 25 Airbus A320s with an option for another 25.

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On 13 July 2019, travel reviewer and YouTuber Rius Vernandes shared a picture of a hand-written menu during his flight from Sydney to Jakarta, which leads to Garuda Indonesia's management reporting the YouTuber to the police followed by the airline issuing a regulation prohibiting selfies on the plane and a lawsuit prompted by Garuda Indonesia's workers' association known as SEKARGA.

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Garuda Indonesia claimed that its board of directors and its commissioners have taken a pay cut as well.

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In May 2022, Garuda Indonesia was scheduled to appear in the court for its attempts to reschedule its debts.

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Garuda Indonesia filed for a 30-day delay in the proceedings, which is granted by the court.

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On 17 June 2022, Garuda Indonesia's creditors voted to accept Garuda Indonesia's debt restructuring, saving the company from bankruptcy.

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Since its establishment, Garuda Indonesia has changed its branding and livery multiple times.

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The colour scheme was changed to a deep royal blue and aqua color, said to be inspired by the nature of Garuda Indonesia that was dominated by tropical greenery and seas when viewed from the air.

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Garuda Indonesia has since replaced the old logo painted on its aircraft's vertical stabilisers with this new "nature's wing" graphic of blue and aqua shades.

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Garuda Indonesia has its head office at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia, near Cengkareng and near Jakarta.

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The head office is the Garuda Indonesia Management Building, located within the Garuda Indonesia City Center.

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Garuda Indonesia had announced that its subsidiary GMF AeroAsia would be listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2008.

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The Ministry of State-Owned Companies had announced a plan to privatize Garuda Indonesia, that opened a possibility to offer its shares publicly.

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Garuda Indonesia aimed to list on 11 February 2011, for an initial public offering.

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In September 2019, Garuda Indonesia launched the grandchildren of the company, PT Garuda Tauberes Indonesia application.

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Garuda Indonesia is engaged in logistics orders, both for couriers, air cargo gateways and payments through the e-commerce application platform Tauberes.

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On 18 August 2018, Garuda Indonesia signed an MoU agreement with the cargo airline Jayawijaya Dirgantara relating to the distribution of cargo from Jayapura to Wamena.

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In mid 2016, Garuda Indonesia announced its intention to resume service to Mumbai from Jakarta.

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Codesharing has allowed Garuda Indonesia to expand services into Western Europe and the Middle East.

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In 2009, Garuda Indonesia expressed an interest in joining the SkyTeam airline alliance, which would make it the second airline in Southeast Asia to join after Vietnam Airlines.

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In line with its Quantum Leap plan, Garuda Indonesia ordered brand-new Bombardier CRJ1000 and ATR 72 to reach smaller airports from Garuda's hubs like Ngurah Rai International Airport, Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, and Kualanamu International Airport.

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On 25 November 2013, Garuda Indonesia has launched its new sub-brands "Explore" and "Explore-jet", for servicing perintis lines traditionally served by other airlines — Merpati Nusantara Airlines and its competitor Wings Air.

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On 5 March 2014, Garuda Indonesia officially joined the SkyTeam alliance and became its 20th member.

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The inclusion of Garuda Indonesia adds 40 new destinations to SkyTeam's global network and strengthens the alliance presence in Southeast Asia and Australia.

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On 5 October 2017, Garuda Indonesia operated its last Boeing 747 service after the last aircraft touched down in Makassar from Medina, a returning Hajj flight.

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Cargo Garuda Indonesia, leased from Transmile Air Servicewhich is known as "Raya Airways".

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Garuda Indonesia is a full-service airline featuring economy, business and first classes.

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Premium Economy was the second onboard class service that Garuda Indonesia introduced in 2019 as it marks its maiden flight from London Heathrow to Denpasar, Bali.

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Immigration on Board was a special service created by Garuda Indonesia to provide more convenience for passengers traveling to Indonesia.

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Garuda Indonesia had cooperated with Visa and MasterCard to develop an online credit card payment system, allowing customers to use PayPal.

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In 2005, Garuda Indonesia relaunched its Garuda Frequent Flyer with a new look, benefits and services.

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Since June 2011 Garuda Indonesia launched a joint frequent flyer program with Korean Air.

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From 27 March 2014, due to joining SkyTeam, Garuda Indonesia announced that Garuda Frequent Flyer renamed as GarudaMiles.

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Lounges are located at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport and throughout Garuda Indonesia, offering food and drinks, wireless internet, showers, meeting rooms and business services.

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Garuda Indonesia was the official sponsor of the 2011 Southeast Asian Games.

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In July 2012, Garuda Indonesia signed a 3-year sponsorship deal with Premier League club Liverpool FC.

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Also, Garuda Indonesia will provide tourism support in the form of developing flight routes by strengthening flight routes that are superior in the tourism sector, such as Labuan Bajo, Lombok, and Wakatobi.

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International routes, Garuda Indonesia has identified four airlines that became the benchmark to improve their service and to compete to be the world's best airline.

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