10 Facts About Akto County


Akto County is a county in Kizilsu Kyrgyz Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China.

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Akto County means 'white mountain' in the Kyrgyz language, referring to snowy mountains.

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In 1134, Akto County was part of West Liao with the East Kara-Khanid Khanate reconciled to West Liao.

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Akto County was established in August 1954 from parts of Yengisar, Shufu, Taxkorgan and Wuqia counties.

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Akto County is located in the central hinterland of Asia, the westernmost part of China, the southwest of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the eastern Pamir Plateau, and the western edge of the Tarim Basin.

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Akto County is located in the three major geographic regions of the Pamirs, the northern slopes of the Kunlun Mountains and the oasis on the western edge of the Tarim Basin.

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Southern part of Akto County is the northern slope of Kunlun Mountains, which is the main mountain of the Kunlun.

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Akto County has 12 township-level administrative divisions under its jurisdiction, with five state-owned farms.

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Akto County has a large Uyghur majority, numbering 172,408 in 2018, or 73.

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The largest minority in Akto County are the Kyrgyz, who number 47,394 in 2018, comprising 20.

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