42 Facts About Al Snow


Al Snow is best known as a wrestler for Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling, and World Wrestling Entertainment.

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Al Snow worked as a road agent for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling from 2010 to 2017 and has owned Ohio Valley Wrestling since 2018.

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Al Snow gained a reputation as "the best-kept secret in wrestling".

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Al Snow wrestled in the November 19,1994, tournament for the vacant NWA World Heavyweight Championship, but he lost to Chris Candido, the eventual winner of the tournament.

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From 1995 to 1997, Al Snow operated a professional wrestling school called "Body Slammers" in Lima, Ohio, hiring D'Lo Brown as an assistant trainer.

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In Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Al Snow teamed with Unibomb as The Dynamic Duo and defeated The Rock 'n' Roll Express for the SMW Tag Team Championship.

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Al Snow was to partake in the 1996 Royal Rumble match but , due to unknown reasons, never appeared.

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Al Snow's last appearance in WWF in September 1997 was a loss to Tiger Ali Singh at WWF One Night Only.

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Al Snow got the idea to portray an individual with a schizophrenic disorder using the head as a prop for projection.

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Al Snow, however took this literally, and thus he started coming to the ring with the mannequin head whom he talked to as if it were a real person, which prompted ECW crowds to chant "We want Head", an intentional double entendre.

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Al Snow received some mainstream publicity in 1999 when Wal-Mart pulled his action figure from their shelves after Sabrena Parton, a professor at Kennesaw State University, complained that "Head" was a "decapitated woman's head" that sent an inappropriate message about violence towards women.

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At WrestleMania XV, Al Snow lost a WWF Hardcore Championship triple threat match involving Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn.

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Boss Man agreed to return the dog if Al Snow defeated him in a match for the Hardcore title; however, after losing the match he reneged and kept the dog.

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Al Snow was often the butt of Foley's jokes during Foley's tenure as the Commissioner in 2000.

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Al Snow then began a tongue-in-cheek gimmick of entering the ring to various European countries' native music, with his theme song sung in the language of the country, and wearing attire which would suit the stereotype of that country.

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In 2001, Al Snow tried to rally support from the fans to vote for him as the new Commissioner of the company following Foley's on-screen firing by Vince McMahon in December 2000.

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Al Snow then took some time off from the ring in order to commit more time for the reality show Tough Enough.

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Al Snow made his return to the ring in October 2001 during the InVasion era and challenged Christian for the European Championship at Survivor Series, which he lost.

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Al Snow lost the title to his former Tough Enough student, Maven, a few days later.

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In September 2004 Al Snow left Sunday Night Heat as a commentator and went to Velocity.

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In June 2006, Al Snow returned to wrestling full-time as a member of the new ECW brand.

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Al Snow then returned with the company as a trainer at Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2007.

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In 2006, Al Snow was pinned by the Millennium Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage of Paul Bearer's Trifecta stable at MWF Fireworks On The 4th.

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Since early 2009, Al Snow has regularly competed in several independent promotions in the US and Europe, especially in the UK and Germany.

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At the event Al Snow was defeated by Rhino in a three-way match, which included Brother Runt.

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In Spring 2011, Al Snow returned to OVW, dividing his time between his TNA duties and work as a show producer for OVW.

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In May 2012, Al Snow began appearing as a judge in the monthly Gut Check segment on Impact Wrestling.

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Grado would come out to the ring where Al Snow would give him the opportunity to retire from wrestling, Grado would not take the offer.

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Al Snow invited Mahabali Shera to the ring and apologized to him for attacking him and Grado, breaking Grado's arm in the process.

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Shera shook hands with him, only for Al Snow to betray and attack him once they went out of the ring.

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At a backstage segment, Al Snow said angrily he doesn't need to apologize and explain himself to rookies and if they want his apology and respect they need to defeat him in a match.

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Week after, Al Snow had a match with Shera in which before and a bit during the match he has blamed the wrestling changes on the fans and said they are cowards for sitting behind the barricades and not coming to the ring to face him.

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At backstage, a bit later, Al Snow was interviewed and talked angrily, cursing Grado and Shera in the process.

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In January 2021, Al Snow sold a majority interest in OVW to a group led by radio host Matt Jones and former 21c Museum Hotels CEO Craig Greenberg.

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Al Snow had a cameo as the Nome King in the feature film Dorothy and the Witches of Oz with Christopher Lloyd, as well as starring in the action film Overtime, and the comedy film Agua Caliente.

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Al Snow appeared in They're Just My Friends and co-stars alongside Tiger Chung Lee in Mountain Mafia.

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Al Snow can be seen as the brutal serial killer Grim, known as "The Reaper's", in Feathered Italian Films latest slasher films The Legacy and Hell House.

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Al Snow had a quick line in the wrestling documentary Beyond the Mat.

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Al Snow appeared as a coach on WWE Tough Enough during the show's first three seasons.

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Al Snow completed his work as the "Man in Black" for the independent horror film Lake Eerie on October 23,2013.

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Al Snow is the co-founder of "Collar X Elbow", a clothing brand for independent wrestling fans.

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Al Snow married Pam Sarven in 1986 and the couple had two children.

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