44 Facts About Hardcore Holly


Squad in early 1999, Howard won his first singles title in WWE and shortly after he became known simply as Hardcore Holly, developing a stern and punishing persona in the process.


In 2002, Hardcore Holly suffered a broken neck during a match with Brock Lesnar, which sidelined him for over a year.


Hardcore Holly later formed a tag team combination with Cody Rhodes in 2007.


Hardcore Holly was released from WWE in 2009, wrestling only intermittently on the independent circuit afterwards.


Hardcore Holly published his autobiography, The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story, in 2013.


Hardcore Holly trained under Bob Sweetan, Marcelle Pringle, and Rip Tyler, and debuted in 1987 in the Mobile area in the World Organization Of Wrestling promotion where he held titles on and off, including the WOW Tag Team Championship with Ron Starr when they defeated the Rock 'n' Roll Express.


In 1990 Hardcore Holly began making television appearances in World Championship Wrestling under the name "Bob Hardcore Holly", being utilized primarily as a jobber.

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Two months later Hardcore Holly made his initial appearance in the World Wrestling Federation.


Hardcore Holly teamed with Robert Gibson there as the Rock N Roll Express.


Hardcore Holly competed in the 1994 Royal Rumble match, lasting over 21 minutes.


Hardcore Holly then competed in the 1995 King of the Ring tournament, defeating Mantaur to qualify before losing to The Roadie in the quarterfinals.


Hardcore Holly was then the first WWF pay-per-view opponent of Hunter Hearst Helmsley, losing to him at SummerSlam.


At Survivor Series, Hardcore Holly was a part of the Underdogs team along with Marty Jannetty, Hakushi, and Barry Horowitz.


Hardcore Holly, renamed "Bombastic Bob", and Gunn, renamed "Bodacious Bart" were known collectively as The Midnight Express.


In mid-1998, Hardcore Holly competed in the WWF Brawl for All, a 16-man shootfighting tournament.


Hardcore Holly was eliminated in the first round by the eventual winner, Bart Gunn, who defeated him on points; Holly has the distinction of being the only one of Gunn's opponents he was unable to knock out.


Hardcore Holly lost the title to Al Snow at Backlash, and soon began referring to himself as "The Big Shot", feuding with Big Show and Kane.


In early 2000, Hardcore Holly pursued the Intercontinental Championship, losing a match against Chyna due to interference from Chris Jericho.


Hardcore Holly then lost a Triple Threat Match against Chyna and Jericho for the championship at the Royal Rumble, which was won by Jericho.


Hardcore Holly lost two more subsequent matches to Jericho for the title, ending their feud.


Hardcore Holly lost the title back to Crash the following night on Raw.


At Survivor Series, Hardcore Holly faced William Regal for the WWF European Championship but lost by disqualification.


Hardcore Holly got a rematch at the title at Armageddon but was defeated by Regal.


At the Royal Rumble, Hardcore Holly competed in the 30-man Royal Rumble match but was eliminated by The Undertaker.


Hardcore Holly then had a minor feud with Kurt Angle after eliminating him from a battle royal, turning him face again.

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Hardcore Holly had a thirteen-month hiatus from wrestling after surgery.


In October 2003, Hardcore Holly began training at Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWE's developmental territory, in preparation for his return to the main roster.


Hardcore Holly returned at the Survivor Series pay-per-view in November 2003 for revenge.


Hardcore Holly challenged Lesnar to a match for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, but lost.


In mid-2005, Hardcore Holly went into singles competition trying to acquire the United States Championship from Orlando Jordan.


Hardcore Holly was hospitalized after a staph infection developed in a right arm wound.


Hardcore Holly made a surprise appearance at WWE's ECW house show event on August 21,2006 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, defeating Balls Mahoney.


On September 26,2006, Hardcore Holly received 24 stitches from WWE Doctor Ferdinand Rios in his back after suffering a severe laceration during an Extreme Rules match against Rob Van Dam when he landed on the metal railing of a table he was suplexing Van Dam out of the ring and through during an ECW show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Hardcore Holly obtained the injury early in the match but continued to wrestle until the match's conclusion when he was pinned.


Hardcore Holly entered with Rob Van Dam as the first of two combatants.


Hardcore Holly was the second to be eliminated; he was eliminated by Test by a running big boot.


Hardcore Holly then gave Punk his first loss in ECW; Punk had been undefeated for half a year.


Hardcore Holly then was one of ECW superstars entered in the Royal Rumble, but was eliminated by The Great Khali.


Hardcore Holly soon became the number one contender for Lashley's ECW World Championship and faced off against Lashley, albeit unsuccessfully.


Hardcore Holly participated in the 2008 Royal Rumble match and lasted thirteen minutes, but was eliminated by Umaga.


In May 2009, Hardcore Holly traveled to England and wrestled for Varsity Pro Wrestling.


Hardcore Holly then took a break from wrestling from 2010 until 2013.


On May 7,2016, Hardcore Holly wrestled in the Netherlands for Pro Wrestling Showdown.


Hardcore Holly would spend time in the UK, competing for PCW, Kamikaze Pro, Southside.