95 Facts About William Regal


William Regal is known for his tenures in World Championship Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling as a wrestler and manager, respectively.


William Regal went on to wrestle for national-level promotions on the UK wrestling circuit and wrestled on television for ITV.


William Regal then progressed to touring around the world until 1993, when he was signed to World Championship Wrestling, where he took the ring name Steven Regal and became a four-time World Television Champion.


William Regal had stints as the on-screen commissioner, the General Manager of the Raw brand, and the official match coordinator for the 2011 season of the original NXT.


In late 2022, Regal left AEW to return to WWE to work as the Vice President of Global Talent Development.


William Regal grew up admiring wrestlers Terry Rudge and Jon Cortez, whom he later called "wrestlers' wrestlers".


William Regal made his televised debut on 30 January 1993 episode of Saturday Night and defeated enhancement talent Bob Cook in his in-ring debut on the following week's Saturday Night.


Shortly after his debut, Regal entered a tournament for the vacant WCW World Television Championship in which he defeated The Barbarian in the first round before losing to Johnny B Badd in the quarterfinals.


William Regal himself substituted for the injured Brian Pillman to team with Steve Austin in a WCW World Tag Team Championship defence against Arn Anderson and Paul Roma; William Regal and Austin lost that match.


William Regal then defended the title against fellow Brit Davey Boy Smith, whom he faced to a fifteen-minute time limit draw at Halloween Havoc.


William Regal continued his successful title defences in 1994 by beating Arn Anderson at SuperBrawl IV and fighting a time limit draw against Brian Pillman at Spring Stampede.


William Regal began a feud with Sting and was booked to defend the title against Sting at Bash at the Beach.


However, Sting was injured prior to the event and was replaced by Johnny B Badd, whom Regal defeated to retain the title at Bash at the Beach.


William Regal stopped the match and proposed that he and Eaton form a team, which Eaton accepted.


William Regal formed the team The Blue Bloods with Eaton and was involved in humorous vignettes where he tried to teach Eaton the finer points of dining and the proper usage of the Queen's English.


William Regal challenged Sting to a match to gain some attention in the company, leading to a match between the two at The Great American Bash, which William Regal lost.


William Regal held the title for five months and defended the title against the likes of Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Dean Malenko, former partner Bobby Eaton and Psychosis.


William Regal was scheduled to defend the title against Rey Misterio, Jr.


Six days later, William Regal avenged his title loss by costing Misterio, the title shot against Iaukea at SuperBrawl VII.


William Regal got a rematch against Iaukea for the title at Spring Stampede, which he lost.


Later that night, William Regal participated in the World War 3 three-ring battle royal for a future WCW World Heavyweight Championship match.


William Regal then began a feud with The Godfather, but he was taken off television soon after before subsequently checking into rehab in January 1999 and was released from the company in April.


Similar to his previous run, much of William Regal's performances took place in tag team bouts.


William Regal continued his role as a rule breaking villain and had small feuds with teams such as The Filthy Animals.


In late February 2000, William Regal lost a career vs career match against Jim Duggan on Saturday Night for the World Television Championship, which was done in order to explain William Regal's release from the company.


William Regal was hired by the WWF and sent to the developmental territory Memphis Championship Wrestling for a short time.


William Regal re-debuted in a match with Chris Benoit at the Third Annual Brian Pillman Memorial Show.


William Regal would enter his first Royal Rumble match at the eponymous pay-per-view on 21 January 2001, but failed to win.


The next night on Raw Is War, William Regal lost the European Championship to Test.


William Regal later became the on-screen commissioner and self-proclaimed "Goodwill Ambassador" of the WWF and was given a comedy sidekick in Tajiri.


William Regal was fired as commissioner by Linda McMahon, but Shane McMahon, who was the owner of WCW, hired him as the Alliance Commissioner.


William Regal defeated Edge to win the Intercontinental Championship at Royal Rumble on 20 January 2002, after using a set of brass knuckles in order to knock out Edge, an action that would later become a trademark of William Regal's character.


William Regal defended the title against Edge again at No Way Out in a brass knuckles on a pole match.


William Regal lost the title to Rob Van Dam at WrestleMania X8.


William Regal entered the 2002 King of the Ring tournament, but lost to Booker T in the qualifiers.


William Regal began teaming with Lance Storm, Christian formed a tag team with Chris Jericho and Test branched off into single competition.


Storm and William Regal won the WWE World Tag Team Championship from Booker T and Goldust thanks to William Regal's brass knuckles on 6 January 2003 episode of Raw.


William Regal was informed that he had contracted a heart parasite from a WWE tour of India in November 2002.


William Regal returned after a one-year absence on 5 April 2004 episode of Raw.


William Regal initially refused, but was demanded to do so in order to be reinstated onto the active roster.


At SummerSlam, William Regal assisted Eugene in his match against Triple H by attacking his manager Ric Flair.


William Regal appeared at ECW One Night Stand as an anti-ECW "crusader" led by Eric Bischoff.


Halfway through the match, William Regal betrayed Scotty by refusing to tag him and walked out of the ring with a smirk on his face, turning heel as a result and allowing the Mexicools to pick up the win.


Two days later, William Regal cut a promo telling the crowd that he had returned to his former self, referring to himself as a "scoundrel" and a "rogue".


William Regal went on to take Burchill under his wing and tag with him on the hunt for the WWE Tag Team Championship, but the team's biggest exposure was a loss in a handicap match against Bobby Lashley at Armageddon.


Burchill, with this heroic persona, started a rivalry with former teammate William Regal, who tried to convince Burchill to return to his ruthless ways.


William Regal lost to Burchill in his first match as a pirate.


William Regal lost a rematch against Burchill, with the match stipulation that William Regal would have to dress like a "buxom wench" if he lost.


William Regal continued to wrestle in a lower mid-card status, the highlight of which saw him facing the United States Champion John "Bradshaw" Layfield in a losing effort while in England.


William Regal was knighted by King Booker and was given the title of "Sir".


At No Mercy, William Regal lost to a returning Chris Benoit, resulting in him turning his back on the Court afterwards by knocking down King Booker with a punch to the face after Booker slapped him and called him useless.


William Regal referred to being dressed as a buxom wench for a pirate, the aforementioned locker room incident with Vito, and being knighted by a false king as examples.


William Regal began incorporating game shows into Raw while general manager.


William Regal was missing from Raw programming for one month due to this attack, making his return by siding with Vince McMahon.


William Regal announced that if Triple H lost the match in any way, he would not participate in the Royal Rumble match at the 2008 Royal Rumble.


William Regal was scheduled to compete against Hornswoggle that night with Mr McMahon at ringside.


William Regal later faced Randy Orton in a match during the European tour to try to teach him some respect.


William Regal began a mini-feud with Jamie Noble after he took an interest in Noble's romantic interest Layla, prompting him to attack William Regal.


William Regal's feud with Noble escalated the subsequent week when Layla declared that Noble was a loser and that she found a man worthy of her in William Regal.


On 5 January 2009 episode of Raw, William Regal lost to Punk via disqualification after he grabbed the referee's shirt.


At Extreme Rules, William Regal unsuccessfully challenged Kofi Kingston for the United States Championship along with Montel Vontavious Porter and Matt Hardy, Kofi Kingston retained the United States Championship by pinning William Regal.


At SummerSlam, William Regal challenged Christian for his title, but was defeated in eight seconds.


William Regal was then denied another chance at number one contender-ship, but The Ruthless Roundtable continued to repeatedly attack Christian to continue the feud.


At Survivor Series, William Regal participated in a traditional five-on-five Survivor Series elimination match and was eliminated by MVP.


William Regal was mostly involved in lower-card feuds after returning to wrestle on Raw and regularly appeared on NXT and Superstars.


In March 2011, William Regal became the color commentator for the fifth season of NXT.


On 26 April, William Regal was drafted to SmackDown as part of the 2011 WWE supplemental draft.


On NXT, William Regal began a feud with rookie Jacob Novak after Novak taunted him as old and washed up.


On 15 February 2011 episode of NXT Redemption, William Regal temporarily took charge as NXT host from Matt Striker to set up matches on the show, which led to him being made NXT official match coordinator two weeks later.


The match began with William Regal viciously attacking Ambrose's injured left arm, but Ambrose rammed William Regal into the ring post to badly disorientate him.


William Regal continued to work as a color commentator for NXT after FCW was rebranded as NXT.


In 2012, William Regal wrestled multiple live event dates wrestling against the likes of Santino Marella and Wade Barrett.


William Regal ended up on both the winning and losing side.


At Over the Limit, William Regal participated in a 20-man battle royal, but he was ultimately unsuccessful.


In late 2012, William Regal played the role of Sheamus' friend in Sheamus' rivalry against Big Show, where he was repeatedly attacked by Big Show.


When William Regal later saved Derrick Bateman from Ohno's post-match attack, Ohno confronted William Regal, who punched Ohno.


Two weeks later, Graves, Neville and William Regal faced The Wyatt Family with Bray Wyatt pinning William Regal.


In July 2014, William Regal was given the on-screen role of General Manager of NXT.


Dave Meltzer later wrote that William Regal was "moved from the commentary booth to the figurehead commissioner role, since the decision was made that NXT should be about grooming announcers for the future in WWE, and they simply don't think of William Regal for that role".


In both late 2014 and early 2015, WWE executive Triple H described William Regal as playing a key role in recruiting wrestlers to NXT and WWE as a whole, whether from the wrestling circuit or from other sports.


William Regal became a trainer at the WWE Performance Center after the passing of Dusty Rhodes.


William Regal appeared during the Cruiserweight Classic semi-finals, handing TJ Perkins his medallion for defeating Kota Ibushi.


On 22 January 2018, William Regal made a brief appearance on stage during the 25th Anniversary episode of Raw as a former Raw general manager.


William Regal was named the on-screen General Manager of the cruiserweight brand 205 Live on 13 April 2020.


William Regal was released from his WWE contract on 5 January 2022, ending his 22-year tenure with the company.


At the All Elite Wrestling pay-per-view event Revolution in March 2022, William Regal made his surprise debut after the match between Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson.


William Regal began to work as the manager for Danielson and Moxley's tag team, known as the Blackpool Combat Club, later adding Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli to the group.


At Full Gear, William Regal helped MJF defeat Moxley for the AEW World Championship by handing MJF his brass knuckles while the referee was incapacitated.


William Regal returned to WWE in January 2023, taking on a non-televised role of Vice President of Global Talent Development with the company.


William Regal's style is a hybrid mix of brawling and submission grappling, often utilising a combination of stiff forearm and knee strikes, along with multiple suplex variations to ground an opponent before locking in any number of brutal submissions.


William Regal has a tattoo which says "Made in England" on his left leg and a rose with his wife's name on his left arm.


William Regal's pets include two dogs, three cats, two snakes, eight lizards, and a tortoise; he once quipped that he owns so many pets because "humans disgust [him]".


William Regal received stanozolol, somatropin, genotropin, and anastrozole between November 2004 and November 2006.


In WWE 2K15 and WWE 2K16, both his modern and WCW-era Lord Steven William Regal personas were available.


William Regal was featured in WCW vs nWo: World Tour under his "Steven William Regal" ring name.