24 Facts About Albie Pearson


Albie Pearson made Washington's roster out of spring training that season and batted.

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Albie Pearson struggled to start off the 1959 season, though, and was traded to Baltimore during the year; Pearson would bounce back and forth between the minor leagues and the majors in 1959 and 1960.

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Albie Pearson earned a platoon role with Lou Clinton in 1965 and batted.

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Albie Pearson became an ordained minister in 1972, and in 1997, he and his wife sold their home in order to found Father's Heart Ranch in Desert Hot Springs, California, an 11-acre home for abused, neglected and abandoned 6- to 12-year-old boys.

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Albie Pearson pitched and played the outfield for the baseball team, played halfback for the football team, and played on the basketball team at El Monte High School, earning 13 letters in those three sports.

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Albie Pearson had 91 walks and only 41 strikeouts in 153 games, winning the Texas League batting championship.

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Albie Pearson was back with the Seals in 1957 and continued to hit, batting.

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On January 23,1958, Albie Pearson was sent with Norm Zauchin to the Senators in the same trade that brought infielder Pete Runnels to the Red Sox.

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Albie Pearson wrote Senators' owner Calvin Griffith a letter that month, asking permission to report to camp early, as he wanted to make a good impression despite his short size.

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Albie Pearson won a spot as the Senators Opening Day centerfielder and played the position all year for Washington.

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Albie Pearson played 146 games for the Senators that year, batting.

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Albie Pearson's combined batting average in 105 games between Baltimore and Washington was.

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Albie Pearson started off the 1960 season again as a reserve outfielder for the Orioles, batting.

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Since he was from California, Albie Pearson wrote Fred Haney, the Angels' general manager, asking the Angels to pick him.

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Albie Pearson began the 1962 season as the Angel right fielder, but he was moved to centerfield on May 4 after Lee Thomas batted only.

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The Angels played another doubleheader two days later, but Albie Pearson became the first player to go hitless when receiving at least 11 at bats in a doubleheader.

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Albie Pearson set what would be a career-high with 160 games played, and he led the AL with 115 runs scored.

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Albie Pearson was chosen to start the game in centerfield over Mantle, who had gotten off to a slow start to his season.

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Albie Pearson's runs scored total dropped from 92 the previous season to 34.

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Albie Pearson only stole 12 bases but only got caught stealing once all season.

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Albie Pearson retired after the year, due partly to his back problems and partly to his belief that God wanted him to retire.

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Albie Pearson plays golf; he participated in a 1962 golf tournament with several other major leaguers, including Hall of Famers Bob Lemon and Ralph Kiner.

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Albie Pearson was offered a part in The Petticoat Pirates, a movie, but he turned it down because the proposed scene involved him drinking.

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Albie Pearson has founded a non-profit organization providing training for pastors and ministers, and set up churches and orphanages in Ecuador and Zambia.

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