29 Facts About Alcoa


Alcoa Corporation is a Pittsburgh-based industrial corporation.

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Alcoa is a major producer of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum, and alumina combined, through its active and growing participation in all major aspects of the industry: technology, mining, refining, smelting, fabricating, and recycling.

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In October 2018, Alcoa announced plans to move from Pittsburgh's North Shore to a downtown Pittsburgh location.

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Alcoa realized that by passing an electric current through a bath of cryolite and aluminum oxide, the then semi-rare metal aluminum remained as a byproduct.

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The acronym "Alcoa" was coined in 1910, given as a name to two of the locales where major corporate facilities were located, and in 1999 was adopted as the official corporate name.

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Alcoa paid $50 a share in cash for half of the shares and 0.

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Alcoa planned to sell Reynolds's construction and distribution business and the company's $400 million transportation business.

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Alcoa sold its packaging and consumer business, formerly called Reynolds Metals, to the Rank Group for $2.

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In 2000, Alcoa purchased Cordant Technologies Inc for $57 a share in cash, or $2.

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In 2005 Alcoa acquired two major production facilities in Russia, at Samara and Belaya Kalitva.

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In 2005, Alcoa began construction in Iceland on Alcoa Fjarðaal, a state-of-the-art aluminum smelter and the company's first greenfield smelter in more than 20 years, albeit under heavy criticism by local and international NGOs related to a controversial dam project exclusively dedicated to supplying electricity to this smelter.

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Also, Alcoa has completed or is undergoing primary aluminum expansion projects in Brazil, Jamaica, and Pinjarra, Western Australia.

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In 2006, Alcoa relocated its top executives from Pittsburgh to New York City.

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Alcoa was named one of the top three most sustainable corporations in the world at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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In June 2013, Alcoa announced it would permanently close its Fusina primary aluminum smelter in Venice, Italy, where production had been curtailed since June 2010.

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In June 2016, Alcoa Inc announced plans to split itself into two companies.

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Alcoa was unlawfully operating at the Rockdale facility since it overhauled the Rockdale power plant without installing necessary pollution controls and without first obtaining proper permits required by "New Source Review" program of the Clean Air Act.

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In February 1999, Alcoa cleaned soils and sediment contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls and lead at the York Oil federal Superfund site in Moira, New York, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Alcoa formed the Alcoa Minerals of Jamaica subsidiary on the island in 1959, shipping their first load of bauxite in 1963 from Rocky Point.

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Alcoa continues to mine bauxite in the Jamaican parishes of Clarendon and Manchester while competitors' operations take place in nearby parishes.

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Alcoa is a major owner of the Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinee through Halco Mining, together with Rio Tinto Alcan and the Guinean government.

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The site is still owned by Alcoa, but is managed locally and renamed, Westfield Industrial Park.

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Alcoa operates two bauxite mines in Western Australia—the Huntly and Willowdale mines.

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Alcoa created a plant just outside Maryville in Blount County, Tennessee.

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Alcoa operates an aluminum smelting plant of similar size to the one in Tennessee in Warrick County, Indiana, just east of Newburgh, Vectren Energy operates a coal power plant on the site to provide electricity.

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In 2021, Alcoa retained the aluminum smelter and generating station while selling the rest of the facility to Kaiser Aluminum.

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Alcoa maintains several Research and Development Centers in the United States.

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Alcoa Steamship company was a subsidiary of ALCOA since the company was formed in 1917.

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Alcoa is portrayed as the main sponsor of the 1953 CBS program See It Now in George Clooney's Academy Award–nominated 2005 film Good Night, and Good Luck.

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