25 Facts About Alejandro Fernandez


Alejandro Fernandez is the son of the Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez.

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Alejandro Fernandez originally specialized in traditional, earthy forms of Mexican folk, such as mariachi and charro, until he successfully branched out into pop music.

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At the Lo Nuestro Awards of 1993 Alejandro Fernandez was nominated for Male Artist, New Artist and Regional Mexican Album of the Year for his debut album, winning none.

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In 1994 he released the album Grandes Exitos a la Manera de Alejandro Fernandez, covering pieces from legendary composers such as Armando Manzanero, Luis Demetrio and Agustin Lara.

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At the 9th Lo Nuestro Awards, Alejandro Fernandez received a nomination for Regional Mexican Male Performer of the Year.

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Alejandro Fernandez's performance was praised by critics but it did not achieve much popularity among the audience.

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In 2003, Alejandro Fernandez began a Latin American tour with his father Vicente, and recorded the show called "En Vivo: Juntos Por Ultima Vez", which was witnessed by thousands of fans, culminating in Mexico City at the Foro Sol, with over five hours of music in front of nearly 60,000 spectators.

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Alejandro Fernandez recruited multiple talented younger songwriters, including Gian Marco, Leonel Garcia, Reyli Barba and Mexican group Tres De Copas.

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In 2005, Alejandro Fernandez released Mexico - Madrid: En Directo Y Sin Escalas, featuring 13 tracks including one new song.

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That same year, Alejandro Fernandez was chosen to sing along with the tenors Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo in a special concert celebrating the opening of the "Forum Internacional de las Culturas" in Monterrey.

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Alejandro Fernandez showed his skilled vocals and operatic tenor range, singing pieces of opera such as "Granada"; his performance was praised by the audience.

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Alejandro Fernandez recorded a duet with the tenor Mario Frangoulis called "Hay mas" from the album Follow Your Heart.

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In 2008, Alejandro Fernandez started a tour in Spain, covering cities such as Madrid, Valencia and A Coruna.

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Alejandro Fernandez released the album De Noche: Clasicos A Mi Manera; it features classic romantic ballads and boleros such as "El Reloj" and "Regalame esta noche", songs that he recorded previously but never released.

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Alejandro Fernandez released the videos of the singles "Me Hace Tanto Bien" and "Bandida".

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On 1 August 2011, Alejandro Fernandez released the song "Bajo un mismo sol", which was released as the theme of the 2011 Pan American Games.

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Alejandro Fernandez toured Latin America along with fellow singer Marc Anthony in a series of concerts named Dos Mundos, un Concierto.

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Alejandro Fernandez collaborated with Christina Aguilera on a cover of the song "Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti", released as the theme song for the soap opera "La tempestad".

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In 2015, Alejandro Fernandez collaborated with Alejandro Fernandez Sanz on a cover of the song "A que no me dejas", released as the theme song for the soap opera A que no me dejas.

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In 2016, Alejandro Fernandez was inducted into the Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame.

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Alejandro Fernandez was born in Mexico City and raised in Guadalajara.

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Alejandro Fernandez studied to become an architect, but turned to singing in 1991 with the encouragement of his father.

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Alejandro Fernandez is co-owner of a shopping center in Guadalajara called "Unicenter", containing various businesses and employing around 170 people.

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Alejandro Fernandez collaborated with his family in the construction of Arena VFG, with a capacity for 11,000 people.

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Alejandro Fernandez is a supporter of the Mexican football team Atlas, and is good friends with iconic footballer Rafael Marquez.

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