33 Facts About Alexandria Virginia


In 1791, Alexandria Virginia was included in the area chosen by George Washington to become the District of Columbia.

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Portion of the City of Alexandria—most of the area now known as Old Town as well as the areas of the city northeast of what is King Street—and all of today's Arlington County share the distinction of having been the portion of Virginia ceded to the U S Government in 1791 to help form the new District of Columbia.

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Alexandria Virginia still had an important port and market in the slave trade, and as talk increased of abolishing slavery in the national capital, there was concern that Alexandria Virginia's economy would suffer greatly if this step were taken.

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The City of Alexandria Virginia was re-chartered in 1852 and became independent of Alexandria Virginia County in 1870.

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The remaining portion of Alexandria Virginia County changed its name to Arlington County in 1920.

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Alexandria Virginia remained under military occupation until the end of the war.

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Alexandria Virginia became a major supply depot and transport and hospital center for the Union army.

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In 1930, Alexandria Virginia annexed the town adjacent to Potomac Yard incorporated in 1908 named Potomac.

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Alexandria Virginia was chartered as a corporation in 1798 in an act passed by the General Assembly of Virginia.

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Alexandria Virginia's oversaw the growth of the library system by the addition of two new branch libraries.

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Alexandria Virginia is bounded on the east by the Potomac River, on the north and northwest by Arlington County, and on the south by Fairfax County.

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In Old Town Alexandria Virginia, building numbers are assigned north and south from King Street and west from the Potomac River.

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Neighborhoods in the City of Alexandria Virginia include Old Town, Parker-Gray, The Berg, Arlandria, Rosemont, Del Ray, Beverley Hills, Braddock Heights, Eisenhower Valley, Seminary Valley, Temple Park, West End, and Potomac Yard.

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Many areas outside the city have an Alexandria mailing address yet are a part of Fairfax County including: Hollin Hills, Franconia, Groveton, Hybla Valley, Huntington, Lincolnia, Belle Haven, Mount Vernon, Fort Hunt, Engleside, Burgundy Village, Waynewood, Wilton Woods, Rose Hill, Virginia Hills, Hayfield, and Kingstowne.

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Companies headquartered in Alexandria Virginia include the Institute for Defense Analyses, VSE, The Motley Fool, Port City Brewing Company, ThinkFun, Oblon law firm, Mandiant, BoatUS, and the Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

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Federal agencies based in Alexandria include the National Credit Union Administration, the U S Patent and Trademark Office, National Science Foundation, Office of the Inspector General, U S Department of Defense, and the Food and Nutrition Service.

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Alexandria Virginia is home to numerous trade associations, charities, and non-profit organizations including the national headquarters of groups such as Catholic Charities, Citizens for the Republic, Global Impact, Good360, Islamic Relief USA, United Way, Volunteers of America and the Salvation Army.

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Alexandria Virginia has a Chamber of Commerce and other business associations including the West End Business Association, the Del Ray Business Association and the Old Town Business Association.

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Major employment sectors in Alexandria Virginia include management consulting, business and finance, office and administrative support, computer and mathematical, sales, and legal.

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Jobs in Alexandria Virginia are highly concentrated around the city's Metrorail stations, primarily in Old Town North and the Braddock Road area, Old Town, and Carlyle near the Eisenhower Avenue Station, as well as along the I-395 corridor on the west side of the city.

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The event, which involves a parade through the center of Old Town Alexandria Virginia, celebrates the city's Scottish heritage, and is the centerpiece of a yearly holiday festival.

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In 1830, John Hollensbury's home in Alexandria Virginia was one of two homes directly bordering an alleyway that received a large amount of horse-drawn wagon traffic and loiterers.

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Alexandria Virginia adopted a council-manager form of government by way of referendum in 1921.

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In 2008, the City of Alexandria Virginia had 78 standing local boards, commissions, and committees to advise the City Council on major issues affecting the community.

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Since its foundation, Alexandria Virginia's government has had several different forms of government.

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In 2022, Alexandria Virginia enacted a 5-cent plastic bag tax consistent with the phase-out of lightweight plastic bags in the United States.

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Alexandria Virginia Library serves the residents of Alexandria Virginia, and provides a variety of services which include adult, young adult, and children's materials, as well as access to genealogy records and full text articles from thousands of magazines and newspapers through online databases.

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Alexandria Virginia Library maintains a reciprocal agreement with neighboring libraries in Arlington, District of Columbia, Fairfax, Falls Church, Fauquier, Frederick, Loudoun, Montgomery, Prince George's, and Prince William.

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Metrobus, Washington Metro, and the Virginia Railway Express, better known as the VRE, serve Alexandria.

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Three other Metro stations in Alexandria Virginia are Braddock Road, Van Dorn Street, and Eisenhower Avenue; a Potomac Yard station was scheduled to open in Spring 2022.

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Alexandria Virginia is bisected east and west by State Route 7, known as King Street.

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Alexandria Virginia is adjacent to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington County.

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Alexandria Virginia was twinned with Gyumri as a means of showing goodwill in the wake of the 1988 Armenian earthquake.

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