18 Facts About Allegheny College


Allegheny College is a private liberal arts college in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

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Allegheny College was founded in April 1815 by the Reverend Timothy Alden, a graduate of Harvard's School of Divinity.

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In 1905, Allegheny College built Alden Hall as a new and improved preparatory school.

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For example, Allegheny College objected in 2006 when Penn State tried to rename one of its campuses "Allegheny College".

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One study suggested the Allegheny College generates approximately $93 million annually into Meadville and the local economy.

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Allegheny College has sponsored panels on unusual topics such as face transplants .

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Allegheny College professors have joined highly visible initiatives; for example, Allegheny College professor Michael Maniates, described as the "nation's leading authority on the politics of consumption, " joined the board of a project about the twenty-minute film The Story of Stuff by filmmaker Annie Leonard, and generated headlines.

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Allegheny College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education .

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Allegheny College requires all students to take a three-seminar series which "encourages careful listening and reading, thoughtful speaking and writing, and reflective academic planning and self-exploration, " to be completed in their first two years.

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Allegheny College requires seniors to complete a senior project in their major.

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Allegheny College offers direct enrollment programs at Lancaster University, England; James Cook University, Australia; University of Natal, South Africa; Capital Normal University, China; and Karl-Eberhard University, Germany.

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Some Allegheny College students volunteered to help restore businesses in hurricane-ravished New Orleans.

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In 2002, one Allegheny College student committed suicide, and his parents sued the school; a jury in 2006 found that the school was not liable or negligent.

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Allegheny College, known athletically as the Gators, belongs to the Presidents' Athletic Conference and has NCAA Division III teams.

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Allegheny College has undertaken several projects to become more a sustainable campus.

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Allegheny College has a number of fraternities and sororities on campus.

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Allegheny College is located in northwestern Pennsylvania 90 miles north of Pittsburgh, 90 miles east of Cleveland, and 35 miles south of Erie, in the town of Meadville, Pennsylvania.

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Allegheny College is a member of the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium, or HEDS, in which member institutions share information relating to improvement of higher education.

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