35 Facts About Allen Craig


Allen Craig has appeared in two World Series and in both made history.

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Allen Craig is currently an Advisor to Baseball Operations for the San Diego Padres.

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Allen Craig was born in Mission Viejo, California, to Ron and Kim Craig and raised in Temecula, California.

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Allen Craig's parents had moved to the Temecula Valley in the 1970s so that Mr Craig could secure employment with the Rancho California Water District.

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Allen Craig's father was an early volunteer to help build the baseball fields that became the Ronald Reagan Sports Complex near Temecula Valley High School in Temecula, California.

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At Chaparral High School, Temecula, California, Allen Craig was a two-sport standout athlete in baseball and basketball.

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Allen Craig earned first team all-league and all-valley honors in basketball while setting a school record with 94 three-pointers.

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Allen Craig was an honorable mention for the Pac-10 all-academic team.

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Allen Craig was an honorable mention for the All-Pacific-10 baseball team and again for the academic team.

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Allen Craig spent most games at shortstop but contributed in the outfield, at third base, and first base.

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Allen Craig returned in 2005 after his junior season and put together a landmark NWL season that included a 21-game hitting streak.

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Allen Craig was named first-team shortstop for Baseball America's 2005 College Summer All-America team.

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Allen Craig further increased his versatility by playing first base.

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Allen Craig's consistent hitting and increased positional coverage prompted Craig to be named Cardinals system Player of the Year.

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Allen Craig made the Cardinals big-league club out of spring training in 2010 and appeared in his first MLB game on April 8.

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Allen Craig spent extra time warming up his knee before each game.

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Allen Craig struggled in his first ten games covering 21 plate appearances against the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Division Series and the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League Championship Series, collecting just three hits in 17 at-bats.

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Allen Craig joined Duke Snider and Amos Otis as the only hitters with the go-ahead hit in the sixth inning or later in consecutive World Series games.

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Further, Allen Craig became the first player with two go-ahead RBIs as a pinch-hitter in World Series play.

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However, Allen Craig discovered that pitchers were throwing him more sliders.

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Allen Craig would earn $13 million in the 2018 season if the Cardinals exercised their option.

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Allen Craig became the fifth alumnus of the California Golden Bears to be named to an MLB All-Star team.

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Saltalamacchia then threw the ball to Will Middlebrooks as Allen Craig rounded third, but it sailed wide into left field for an error, and, at the same time, Middlebrooks tripped Allen Craig while reaching for the ball.

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On July 31,2014, Allen Craig was traded along with Joe Kelly to the Red Sox in exchange for John Lackey and prospect Corey Littrell.

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The following season, Allen Craig began the season as Boston's starting first baseman.

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Allen Craig returned to Pawtucket in 2016, but missed a majority of the season due to injury.

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Allen Craig returned to Pawtucket in 2017, but on June 30, was released.

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On January 22,2018, Allen Craig signed a minor league deal with the San Diego Padres.

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Allen Craig retired from baseball on April 12,2019, and joined the San Diego Padres front office as an advisor to baseball operations.

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Allen Craig played shortstop in amateur ball and third base in the minor leagues, but he was not well-suited to play either position in the major leagues, due to the speed of the game.

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Allen Craig improved his footwork well enough for the Texas League, but they still considered it insufficient for the major leagues because his movement to his left was inhibited, restricting his ability to start double plays.

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Further, with an inefficient, semi-sidearm throwing motion that he could not resolve, Allen Craig relied on his innate strength to compensate for time lost.

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Allen Craig attended high school with Brandon Snider, the grandson of Duke Snider, with whom he tied the World Series consecutive pinch hit mark.

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On November 12,2011, Allen Craig married his long-time girlfriend, Marie LaMarca, who is a graduate of Chaparral High School.

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In May 2014, Allen Craig partnered with fellow Cardinals outfielder Jon Jay for the Jay-Allen Craig Celebrity Bowl and the Flamingo Bowl in downtown St Louis.

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