27 Facts About Altran


That same year, Altran bought Segur Informatique, an aeronautics simulation and modeling company.

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Altran was helped by the long-lasting recession affecting France and much of Europe at the beginning of the decade, as companies began outsourcing parts of their research and development operations.

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Altran was expanding by acquisition, buying up a number of similar consultancies in France, such as the 1992 acquisition of GERPI, based in Rennes.

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At first Altran turned to foreign partnerships in order to accommodate its clients.

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Yet this approach quickly proved unsatisfactory, and Altran put into place an aggressive acquisition plan in order to establish its own foreign operations.

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Altran targeted the Benelux countries, the first to lower their trade barriers, acquiring a Belgian company in 1992.

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In 1992, Altran created Altran Conseil to work in the automobile equipment, nuclear and consumer electronic industries.

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Spain remained one of the company's top three markets into the new century, with a total of six companies operating under Altran, including new acquisitions Norma, STE, Inser, and Strategy Consultors.

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Altran recognized that the majority of engineers lacked a background in management, thus a training program called IMA was launched capable of training 200 candidates per year.

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In 1997, Altran acquired Praxis Critical Systems, founded in Bath in 1983 to provide software and safety-engineering services.

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Italy became a target for growth in 1996, when Altran established subsidiary Altran Italy, before making its first acquisition in that country in 1997.

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In 1998, Altran added four new Italian acquisitions, EKAR, RSI Sistemi, CCS and Pool.

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Altran began building its operations in South America as well, especially in Brazil.

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Altran become involved in a couple of new PR initiatives at the beginning of the decade, including a partnership with the Renault F1 racing team and a commitment to the Solar Impulse project with the goal of circumnavigating the Earth powered by only solar power.

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In 2004, Altran established operations in Asia and created Altran Pr[i]me, a consulting outfit specialized in large-scale innovation projects.

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In 2009, Altran launched its Altran Research program to reinforce its position as a leading innovation consultancy.

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Altran continues to acquire innovation consultancies in other countries as part of its expansion strategy.

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In December 2015, Altran announced the acquisition of Tessella, an international leader in analytical and data science consulting.

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Additionally, Altran announced in October 2016 the acquisition of two automobile industry companies: Swell, an engineering services and research and development firm based in the Czech Republic, as well as Benteler Engineering, a German firm specializing in conception and engineering services.

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In July and September 2017, Altran finalized two acquisitions: Information Risk Management, and GlobalEdge.

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The acquisition of IRM enabled Altran to enhance its presence and offers in the domain of cyber security.

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The buying of GlobalEdge, an Indian software product engineering firm aim at helping Altran to develop its presence in India as well as in the US, where Global Edge has an office in California.

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Altran Technologies is active in innovation and advanced engineering consulting.

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Altran is headquartered on the avenue Charles de Gaulle in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

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Altran Lab is made up of an incubator, an innovation hub and Altran Pr[i]me, created in 2004 and focused on innovation management.

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Altran Foundation for Innovation is an international scientific competition run by the company.

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Altran first appeared on the Paris stock market on 20 October 1987.

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