9 Facts About American Legion

1. At the state level, The American Legion is organized into "departments", which run annual civic training events for high school juniors called Boys State.

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2. The American Legion took a McCarthyist stance on film, threatening to boycott any theater that screened director Edward Dmytryk's Salt to the Devil (1949) because of Dmytryk's involvement with the blacklist.

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3. The American Legion helped veterans fill out the paperwork and obtain the benefits.

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4. The American Legion mobilized its members across the country and secured passage in June 1944.

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5. The American Legion wrote the original draft of the Veterans Readjustment Act, which became known as the GI Bill.

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6. In 1942, the American Legion adopted the practice of the VFW to become a perpetual organization, rather than die off as its membership aged as that of the Grand Army of the Republic was rapidly doing.

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7. The American Legion is fighting every element that threatens our democratic government—Soviets, anarchists, IWW, revolutionary socialists and every other red.

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8. The American Legion served a strong social function, building and buying "clubhouses" in communities across America at which its members could gather, reflect, network, and socialize.

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9. In 1917, when war was declared the American Legion had 23,000 members skilled in 77 professions pledged to fight.

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