15 Facts About Andrei Vishinsky


Andrei Vishinsky is known as a state prosecutor of Joseph Stalin's Moscow Trials and in the Nuremberg trials.

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Andrei Vishinsky was the Soviet Foreign Minister from 1949 to 1953, after having served as Deputy Foreign Minister under Vyacheslav Molotov since 1940.

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Andrei Vishinsky headed the Institute of State and Law in the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union.

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Andrei Vishinsky began attending the Kyiv University in 1901, but was expelled in 1902 for participating in revolutionary activities.

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Andrei Vishinsky was even considered for a professorship, but his political past caught up with him, and he was forced to return to Baku.

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Andrei Vishinsky carried out administrative preparations for a "systematic" drive "against harvest-wreckers and grain-thieves".

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Andrei Vishinsky used his own speeches from the Moscow Trials as an example of how defendants' statements could be used as primary evidence.

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Andrei Vishinsky was accused of oppressing and starving the local Yupik and of ordering his subordinate, the sledge driver Stepan Startsev, to murder Dr Nikolai Vulfson, who had attempted to stand up to Semenchuk, on 27 December 1934.

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Andrei Vishinsky was generally well received, and he set out to purge the Latvian Communist Party of Trotskyists, Bukharinites, and possible foreign agents.

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Andrei Vishinsky remained here for much of the war, but he continued to act as a loyal functionary, and attempted to ingratiate himself with Archibald Clark Kerr and visiting Republican presidential candidate Wendell Willkie.

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Andrei Vishinsky began to liaise with the Italian Communist Party in Naples.

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Andrei Vishinsky spoke good French, was quick, clever and efficient, and always knew his dossier well, but whereas I had a certain unwilling respect for Molotov, I had none at all for Vyshinsky.

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Andrei Vishinsky was responsible for the Soviet preparations for the trial of the major German war criminals by the International Military Tribunal.

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Andrei Vishinsky died of heart attack on 22 November, 1954 while in New York on a working visit and his ashes buried at the Kremlin Wall Necropolis.

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Andrei Vishinsky is rewarded in being ennobled by the restored czar and made a duke, but gets assassinated by an anarchist girl with whom he had a secret affair.

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