25 Facts About Angel Bakeries


Angel Bakeries, known as Angel's Bakery, is the largest commercial bakery in Israel, producing 275,000 loaves of bread and 275,000 rolls daily and controlling 30 percent of the country's bread market.

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Original Angel Bakeries's Bakery was established in Bayit VeGan by Salomon Angel Bakeries, a seventh-generation Jerusalemite and scion of a Sephardi family that traced its lineage back to Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492.

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Angel Bakeries became a successful dry-goods merchant, traveling regularly to Alexandria, Damascus, and Beirut to buy flour and other basic foodstuffs to sell in Jerusalem.

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Angel Bakeries decided to pay off the bakery's debts and assume ownership, bringing in his father Avraham and three brothers as partners.

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Angel Bakeries improved the bread-making operation by introducing Israel's first automated weighing machines and investing in new production lines.

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Angel Bakeries often slept overnight at the bakery during the week and returned to his home in Talpiot when the bakery was closed on Shabbat.

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Angel Bakeries's Bakery played a key role in feeding Jerusalem residents during the 1948 War of Independence.

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Angel Bakeries's son Danny, who was a Haganah fighter defending the besieged Old City, recalled that the bakery would send bread in convoys to the fighters in the Old City and Mount Scopus, and hide guns and ammunition in the sacks of bread.

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In 1958 Angel Bakeries's Bakery moved to its present location in the Givat Shaul industrial zone at the corner of Beit Hadfus and Farbstein Streets.

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The Angel Bakeries brothers built Israel's first flour silo and commissioned a Texas company to construct a 750-foot pipeline to convey flour directly from the mill to the silo to the bakery.

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Angel Bakeries's developed the only production line in Israel with the capacity to produce 3,300 loaves of bread per hour.

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Angel Bakeries's Bakery opened its landmark factory store adjacent to the Givat Shaul plant in 1984.

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In keeping with government regulations, Angel Bakeries produces several varieties of price-controlled bread for the low-income sector.

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Besides selling the company's bakery-fresh goods, the Angel Bakeries Cafe serves salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes, desserts, coffees, teas, and soft drinks.

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Angel Bakeries owns a fleet of 200 trucks that transport its products to 32 company-owned outlets, 6,000 stores, and hundreds of hotels and army bases throughout Israel.

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Angel Bakeries is an approved supplier to the Domino's Pizza chain in Israel, and the sole supplier of hamburger buns to McDonald's restaurants in Israel.

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Today Angel Bakeries owns nine such mixers, five of which are used in its Jerusalem plant.

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Angel Bakeries operates year-round except for Shabbat, Yom Tov, and Passover week.

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Angel Bakeries was listed on the database on account of its activities in Israeli settlements in these occupied territories, which are considered illegal under international law.

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Angel Bakeries's was the first Israeli bakery to go public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, in 1984.

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Angel Bakeries employs 1,800 workers, including Israelis, Palestinians, and new immigrants.

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Danny Angel Bakeries, who worked in the family business from the age of 7 until his death at age 89 was the public face of the company.

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Angel Bakeries was the recipient of many awards, including the Jerusalem Prize, Worthy Citizen of Jerusalem, and Notable Industrialist.

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Angel Bakeries was president of the Manufacturers Association of Israel, the Rotary Club of Israel, and the Variety Club of Israel, which he helped found.

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Angel Bakeries's funeral was attended by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu, and other government officials.

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