22 Facts About Applied Materials


Applied Materials, Inc is an American corporation that supplies equipment, services and software for the manufacture of semiconductor chips for electronics, flat panel displays for computers, smartphones, televisions, and solar products.

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In 1984, Applied Materials became the first US semiconductor equipment manufacturer to open its own technology center in Japan and the first semiconductor equipment company to operate a service center in China.

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In 1987, Applied introduced a chemical vapor deposition machine called the Precision 5000, which differed from existing machines by incorporating diverse processes into a single machine that had multiple process chambers.

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In November 1996, Applied Materials acquired two Israeli companies for an aggregate amount of $285 million.

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On June 27,2001, Applied Materials acquired Israeli company Oramir Semiconductor Equipment Ltd.

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In January 2008, Applied Materials purchased Baccini, an Italian company and designer of tools used in manufacturing solar cells.

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In 2009, Applied Materials opened its Solar Technology Center, the world's largest commercial solar energy research and development facility, in Xi'an, China.

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Applied Materials announced its acquisition of Varian Semiconductor in May 2011.

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Applied Materials announced its merger with Tokyo Electron on September 24,2013.

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However, on April 27,2015, Applied Materials announced that its merger with Tokyo Electron has been scrapped due to antitrust concerns and fears of dominating the semiconductor equipment industry.

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Applied Materials is named among FORTUNE World's Most Admired Companies in 2018.

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In 2019, Applied Materials announced its intention to buy semiconductor equipment manufacturer Kokusai Electric Corporation from private equity firm KKR for $2.

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Applied Materials is organized into three major business sectors: Semiconductor Products, Applied Materials Global Services, and Display and Adjacent Markets.

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Applied Materials operates a venture investing arm called Applied Ventures.

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In 2019, Applied Materials agreed to buy semiconductor manufacturer Kokusai for $2.

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Also in 2006, Applied Materials announced it was entering the solar manufacturing equipment business.

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In 2007, Applied Materials announced the Applied SunFab thin film photovoltaic module production line, with single or tandem junction capability.

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In 2010, Applied Materials announced that it was abandoning the thin film market and closing down their SunFab division.

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In 2008, Applied Materials acquired privately held, Italy-based Baccini SpA for $330M, company that worked in the metallization steps of solar cell manufacturing.

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Applied Materials was listed at the top of VLSI Research's list of supplier of photovoltaic manufacturing equipment for 2008, with sales of $797M.

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Applied Materials operates in many locations globally, including in Europe, Japan, North America, Israel, China, Italy, India, Korea, Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

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Applied Materials moved into its Bowers Avenue headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, in 1974.

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