21 Facts About Argo Tea


Argo Tea began as a chain of tea cafes that was founded in the Lincoln Park community area in Chicago, Illinois, in June 2003.

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Argo Tea primarily sells a variety of hot and cold tea-based signature drinks.

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Argo Tea has formed a special relationship with Whole Foods Market to distribute Argo products.

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In 2020, Argo Tea began selling bottled tea in Walgreens and other stores, “shifting its focus to a ready-to-drink premium tea line derived from one of its most popular cafe beverages.

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Argo Tea says he spends weeks lurking on street corners to scope out his perfect blend of attributes: high daytime foot traffic, a demographic he describes as trend-setting women in their 20s to 40s, and concentrations of neighborhood residents .

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Argo Tea's scouting methods include chatting with falafel vendors, bar owners and even homeless men and women to get granular detail on the blocks he considers.

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Argo Tea was launched in 2003 by three partners: Arsen Avakian, Simon Simonian, and Daniel Lindwasser.

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Original 900-square-foot cafe for Argo Tea, which had 24 indoor seats and 20 patio seats in its 2003 configuration, is located at 958 West Armitage Avenue on the corner of Sheffield Avenue in Chicago.

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Late in 2004, Argo Tea signed a lease to make its first expansion beyond its original location .

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In March 2006, Argo expanded to the South Side of Chicago at the University of Chicago Medical Center, which is located in the Hyde Park community area, with a location that is described as a teaosk, a themed kiosk.

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In July 2011, Argo Tea became the first outside retail tenant of the Tribune Tower in six years when it leased space.

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Argo Tea opened its flagship New York City location in January 2010 by signing a 10-year lease in the Flatiron Building.

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In 2020, Argo Tea changed its focus from cafes to sale of bottled tea drinks, and it was acquired by Golden Fleece Beverages.

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Argo Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water.

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When it was founded, Argo was part of a field of blossoming tea cafe franchises meeting a burgeoning demand.

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Argo Tea's ready-to-drink bottled beverages can be found outside the cafes, in the finest grocery retailers across the country.

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Argo Tea has donated a large amount of white teas, which have high concentrations of antioxidants, to the University of Chicago Hospitals.

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Argo Tea holds tea seminars in conjunction with Northwestern University and the University of Chicago to build awareness of the possible health benefits and research possibilities for tea.

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Argo Tea has an environmentally friendly business plan that includes encouraging use of reusable service-ware such as ceramic mugs and plates and washable silverware by its dine-in customers.

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Argo Tea considers sustainability and environmental consciousness in all phases of its business including supplier, operations, store design and product decisions.

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Argo Tea has mostly part-time employees, but offers medical benefits to employees who work 20 hours per week.

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