23 Facts About Ashok Leyland

1. Ashok Leyland Limited the flagship company of The Hinduja Group, is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of commercial vehicles.

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2. Ashok Leyland is leading a Dengue Fever Awareness campaign as part of its social responsibility to benefit the communities around its Hosur plant.

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3. Ashok Leyland supplies chassis in both built-up and knocked down versions to LAL which, in turn, assembles the chassis and builds bodies for the local market.

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4. Ashok Leyland is the flagship of the Hinduja Group, and rightfully so.

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5. Ashok Leyland has carved a niche for itself in the Indian truck industry.

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6. On the other hand, Ashok Leyland worked on adding some incremental GVW to the same 5 axle truck by replacing the single wheeler pusher lift axle with twin tyre pusher lift axle.

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7. Ashok Leyland is trying to take away a portion of this LCV market through its Partner truck but has been unable to do so.

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8. Over the past decade, Ashok Leyland Trucks have emerged very aggressively and are reducing the sales volume gap with Tata Trucks.

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9. In 1980, British Ashok Leyland was still producing four cars in the large family car sector—the Princess 2, Austin Maxi, Morris Marina and Triumph Dolomite.

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10. Ashok Leyland is leader in producing trucks and buses, recently reported its Q1 net profit to Rs.

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11. With the launch of Dost Ashok Leyland has now entered the Light Commercial Vehicle segment in India[13][14][15][16][17].

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12. Ashok Leyland reported numbers that were below-estimate as adverse mix and higher discounts hurt margins.

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13. Ashok Leyland started its corporate journey as Ashok Motors, collaborating with the Austin Motor Company and assembling Austin cars.

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14. On 11 June 2012, Ashok Leyland supplied 100 Falcon buses to Ghana for $7.6 million.

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15. Ashok Leyland announced iBUS in the beginning of 2008, as part of the future for the country's increasingly traffic-clogged major cities.

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16. Ashok Leyland has developed hythane engines in association with the Australian company Eden Energy.

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17. Ashok Leyland has launched a mobile emission clinic that operates on highways and at entry points to New Delhi.

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18. Ashok Leyland is the largest supplier of logistics vehicles to the Indian Army.

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19. In May 2015, Ashok Leyland stopped production due to low demand.

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20. Ashok Leyland announced the sale of vehicles on the new U-Truck platform in November 2010 with the rolling out of the first set of 10 models of tippers and tractor trailers in the 16 to 49-tonne segment.

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21. On 18 July 2017 Ashok Leyland announced the formation of an alliance with SUN Mobility, The global partnership aims to develop electric vehicles.

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22. As part of the agreement Ashok Leyland has partnered with IIT Madras to carry out research and development activities for strengthening battery engineering and related sub-parts, especially for electric vehicles.

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23. Ashok Leyland is an Indian automobile company headquartered in Chennai, India.

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