24 Facts About Barney Fife


Bernard "Barney" Fife is a fictional character in the American television program The Andy Griffith Show, portrayed by comic actor Don Knotts.

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Barney Fife appeared in the first five seasons as a main character, and, after leaving the show towards the end of season five, made a few guest appearances in the following three color seasons.

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Barney Fife appeared in the first episode of the spin-off series Mayberry R F D, and in the 1986 reunion television film Return to Mayberry.

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Additionally, Barney appeared in the Joey Bishop Show episode "Joey's Hideaway Cabin", and, unnamed, in the first episode of The New Andy Griffith Show.

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Barney Fife appeared on The Andy Griffith Show from the show's beginning in 1960 until 1965, when Knotts left the show to pursue a career in feature films.

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Barney Fife is outwardly smug and self-important, covering up his insecurities and low self-confidence with a display of bravado.

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Barney Fife frequently tries to impress others with his knowledge or skill in areas where his expertise is actually quite limited.

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In one case when Andy was briefly summoned away, as acting sheriff, Barney Fife proceeded to book and lock up everyone in town for various minor infractions.

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Barney Fife tends to be alarmist, and overreacts to potential dangers.

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On occasion, Barney Fife believes his experience as a long time deputy qualifies him to be a sheriff.

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However, Barney Fife tends to load his gun unnecessarily, and often ends up firing it into the floor, the ceiling, or his own gun holster.

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The negligent discharge of Barney Fife's gun becomes a running gag, usually followed by Barney Fife sheepishly handing his gun to Andy.

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Nonetheless, Barney Fife has rare moments of courage and competence, such as when he saves a member of the state police who has been captured by criminals, and apprehends the criminals by driving to the jail with the crooks and their hostage trapped in their trailer.

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Barney Fife maintains warm relations with Andy's son Opie and his Aunt Bee.

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Andy was stationed in France during "the war" and Barney Fife was a file clerk who never left the United States.

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Barney Fife was nevertheless proud of his war record: "I did my part in helping to whip the dreaded Hun", he boasted in the "Quiet Sam" episode.

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Barney Fife is mentioned as residing in a few places during the course of the show, including the Raleigh, North Carolina YMCA and Mrs Mendelbright's boarding house.

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Barney Fife's main girlfriend is a local girl, Thelma Lou, whom he eventually marries in Return to Mayberry, a 1986 NBC movie.

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Barney Fife was first mentioned in the episode "Andy Forecloses".

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When Don Knotts left the series in 1965 to pursue film roles, the character Barney Fife was said to have left Mayberry to join the police department in Raleigh.

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Barney Fife is featured in these The Andy Griffith Show episodes:.

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At least two cartoons pay homage to Barney Fife: In Freakazoid "Toby Danger" when a out of control giant robot is destroying Las Vegas, Nevada, there is a cameo of a Barney Fife deputy sheriff in a crowd.

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Barney Fife gets punched in the head by the trooper for his troubles and Mr Soprano has to bribe the trooper $100 to avoid charges.

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Knotts' portrayal of Barney Fife earned him five Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, the most in that category.

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