26 Facts About Beed


Beed is a city in Marathwada region of Maharashtra state in India.

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Beed was later governed by the Nizams during the period of British India.

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Beed remained in annexed Hyderabad state until 1956 when it was included in Bombay Presidency.

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Early history of Beed is unknown and there are contradictions in the historical accounts concerning its foundation and early history.

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Beed came under Muslim rule for the first time in 1317 when Qutb-ud-Din Mubarak Shah, the last Khalji, captured Devagiri and Yadava dynasty was ended.

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Beed remained under Khaljis until 1320 when Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughluq took over.

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Beed diverted the course of Bensura from west to east by constructing a protection wall around the city.

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In 1347 Beed came under Bahmani rule when Hasan Gangu, founder of Bahmani Sultanate, rebelled against Tughluq rule and ascended throne of Daulatabad as Ala-ud-Din Bahman Shah.

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Beed recaptured the province of Daulatabad, of which, Beed was a part.

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Beed built Eid Gah in 1702 and a new habitation on the heights in the eastern part as Ghazi Pura in 1703.

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Beed constructed a citadel inside the old fort which was worn out after standing for several hundred years, from Tughluq period.

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Beed was quite a beautiful city during Bahmanis and Mughals.

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Beed constructed one habitation and market Mahbub Gunj on the eastern bank of Bensura, remains of that can still be seen.

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Beed's period was full of reforms in the government system, education and healthcare.

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Beed established big libraries with the high schools in the state.

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Beed was the place in Marathwada region where freedom struggle first started in 1818.

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Beed was one of the eight worst hit districts in the state.

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Beed is situated on the Deccan Plateau, on the banks of the Bensura river.

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Beed falls under Seismic Hazard Zone-III in India according to the new seismic hazard map updated in 2000 by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

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Beed receives low rainfall because it is located in rain shadow area.

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Beed is one of the poorest districts of Maharashtra with Per capita GDP of Rs 15,303 which is lower than the Maharashtra State average GDP Rs 17,079.

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Beed was in the international news in August 1994 for the outbreak of Bubonic Plague.

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Beed has a long history as a neglected and backward area.

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Beed district, according to the official statistics, has only 2.

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Beed is home to several historical buildings, some of the noteworthy are:.

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Beed's tomb is in the eastern part of Beed near Khandeshwari temple.

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