16 Facts About Benevento


Benevento is a city and comune of Campania, Italy, capital of the province of Benevento, 50 kilometres northeast of Naples.

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Benevento occupies the site of the ancient Beneventum, originally Maleventum or even earlier Maloenton.

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Patron saint of Benevento is Saint Bartholomew, the Apostle, whose relics are kept there at the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta.

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Benevento was certainly in the power of the Romans in 274 BC, when Pyrrhus of Epirus was defeated in a great battle, fought in its immediate neighborhood, by the consul Manius Curius Dentatus.

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King Liutprand intervened several times, imposing a candidate of his own to the realm's succession; his successor Ratchis declared the duchies of Spoleto and Benevento to be foreign countries where it was forbidden to travel without royal permission.

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Benevento was acclaimed by a chronicler as a "second Pavia"— Ticinum geminum— after the Lombard capital was lost.

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Benevento was ruled again by the Byzantines between 891 and 895.

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Benevento passed to the Papacy peacefully when the emperor Henry III ceded it to Leo IX, in exchange for the pope's consent to the establishment of the Diocese of Bamberg .

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Benevento was the cornerstone of the Papacy's temporal powers in southern Italy.

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In 1130, Anacletus II fled from Rome to the safety of Benevento after hearing that his rival, Innocent II was gaining recognition in the north.

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Therefore, when Roger made his move against Robert of Capua and began the civil war, Benevento sided with Robert and ousted Anacletus's supporters from the city.

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In recent years, several urban renewal projects have been carried out in the old city centre, and Benevento has become the seat of the University of Sannio and several research institutes.

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In 1065, prince Landulf IV of Benevento forced a number of Jews to convert to Christianity.

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Castle of Benevento, best known as Rocca dei Rettori or Rocca di Manfredi, stands at the highest point of the town, commanding the valley of the rivers Sabato and Calore, and the two main ancient roads Via Appia and Via Traiana.

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Stadio Ciro Vigorito is a multi-use stadium in Benevento, which is mostly used as the home venue of Serie B side Benevento Calcio.

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Benevento is connected to Naples through the modern SS7 Appia state road, and then local roads starting from Arienzo.

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