15 Facts About Bamberg


Bamberg is a town in Upper Franconia, Germany, on the river Regnitz close to its confluence with the river Main.

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Bamberg lost its independence in 1802, following the secularization of church lands, becoming part of Bavaria in 1803.

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The old Bishopric of Bamberg was composed of an unbroken territory extending from Schlusselfeld in a northeasterly direction to the Franconian Forest, and possessed in addition estates in the Duchies of Carinthia and Salzburg, in the Nordgau, in Thuringia, and on the Danube.

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Witch trials of the 17th century claimed about one thousand victims in Bamberg, reaching a climax between 1626 and 1631, under the rule of Prince-Bishop Johann Georg II Fuchs von Dornheim.

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Bamberg thus lost its independence in 1802, becoming part of Bavaria in 1803.

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Bamberg was first connected to the German rail system in 1844, which has been an important part of its infrastructure ever since.

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In February 1926 Bamberg served as the venue for the Bamberg Conference, convened by Adolf Hitler in his attempt to foster unity and to stifle dissent within the then-young Nazi party.

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Bamberg was chosen for its location in Upper Franconia, reasonably close to the residences of the members of the dissident northern Nazi faction but still within Bavaria.

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Town of Bamberg was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993 due to its medieval layout and its well preserved historic buildings.

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Bamberg Cathedral is a late Romanesque building with four towers.

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The new cathedral, built by Saint Otto of Bamberg, was consecrated in 1111 and in the 13th century received its present late-Romanesque form.

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Bamberg is known for its smoked Rauchbier and is home to 11 breweries, including Brauerei Fassla, Brauerei Greifenklau, Brauerei Heller-Trum, Brauerei Kaiserdom, Keesmann Brau, Klosterbrau, Mahrs Brau, Brauerei Spezial, Gasthausbrauerei Ambrausianum, Kron Prinz, and Weyermann Rostmalzbierbrauerei.

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The University of Applied Sciences Bamberg offers higher education in the areas of public health.

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Bamberg is connected to other towns in eastern Upper Franconia such as Bayreuth, Coburg, and Kronach via the Bamberg–Hof line with trains usually running at least every hour.

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Bamberg was an important base for the Bavarian, German, and then American military stationed at Warner Barracks.

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