16 Facts About Brixton

1. Brixton is a district in south London, part of the London Borough of Lambeth, England.

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2. Brixton is mainly residential, though includes Brixton Market and a substantial retail sector.

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3. Name Brixton is thought to originate from Brixistane, meaning the stone of Brixi, a Saxon lord.

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4. Brixton was connected to central London by rail on 25 August 1862 when Brixton and South Stockwell railway station was opened by the London, Chatham and Dover Railway on the line from Victoria.

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5. Brixton was transformed into a middle class suburb between the 1860s and 1890s and Brixton developed into a major shopping centre.

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6. In 1881 the population of Brixton was 62,837, now home to a quarter of the parish of Lambeth.

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7. In 1998 the area in front of the Tate Library in Brixton was renamed "Windrush Square" to mark the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the Windrush.

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8. Brixton was the scene of riots in April 1981 at a time when Brixton underwent deep social and economic problems—high unemployment, high crime, poor housing, no amenities—in a predominantly African-Caribbean community.

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9. Brixton was one of the first inner-city based 'Transition town' projects in the UK.

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10. Brixton is home to a 1970s purpose-built skatepark, named Stockwell Skatepark.

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11. Corpus Christi Church in Brixton comes under the remit of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark.

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12. The local community was not consulted about the operation and tensions between the black community and the police on the streets of Brixton reached breaking point.

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13. Parts of Brixton were referred to as "Little Tivoli" after "Tivoli Gardens", a notorious "garrison community" in Jamaica ruled by gunmen.

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14. In 2001, Brian Paddick, then Police Commander for the London Borough of Lambeth, became subject of newspaper headlines due to the implementation of a pilot cannabis programme in Brixton, known as the "softly softly" approach, as well as his posts made on the Brixton-based Urban75 internet forum.

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15. Brixton is served by London Buses routes 2, 3, 35, 37, 45, 59, 109, 118, 133, 159, 196, 250, 322, 333, 345, 355, 415, 432, P4, P5, N2, N3, N35, N109, N133.

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16. Brixton was due to be a major interchange of the South Cross Route, part of the London Ringways plan, which was cancelled in the 1970s.

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