16 Facts About Brown University

1. Brown University is a private Ivy League research university in Providence, Rhode Island.

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2. Admission at Brown University is among the most selective in the United States.

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3. At its foundation, Brown University was the first college in North America to accept students regardless of their religious affiliation.

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4. In 1969, Brown University adopted its Open Curriculum after a period of student lobbying.

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5. In 1966, the first Group Independent Study Project at Brown University was formed, involving 80 students and 15 professors.

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6. The walk is bordered by departmental buildings as well as Brown University's Performing Arts Center and Granoff Center for the Creative Arts.

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7. Women's College in Brown University, known as Pembroke College, was founded in October 1891.

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8. In 1969, as Bryant was preparing to relocate to Smithfield, Rhode Island, Brown University purchased their Providence campus for $5 million.

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9. Brown University's sailing teams are based out of the Ted Turner Sailing Pavilion at the Edgewood Yacht Club in adjacent Cranston.

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10. In 2020, Brown University announced it had sold 90 percent of its fossil fuel investments as part of a broader divestment from direct investments and managed funds that focus on fossil fuels.

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11. Alumni authors take their degrees across the spectrum of degree concentrations, but a gauge of the strength of writing at Brown University is the number of major national writing prizes won.

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12. Brown University began offering computer science courses through the departments of Economics and Applied Mathematics in 1956 when it acquired an IBM machine.

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13. Brown University added an IBM 650 in January 1958, the only one of its type between Hartford and Boston.

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14. Brown University introduced graduate courses in the 1870s and granted its first advanced degrees in 1888.

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15. In January 2018, Brown University published its first "game-ified" course called Fantastic Places, Unhuman Humans: Exploring Humanity Through Literature, which featured out of platform games to help learners understand materials, as well as a story-line that immerses users into a fictional world to help characters along their journey.

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16. In 2021, Brown University received a record 948 applications for roughly 90 spots in its Master of Public Health Degree.

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