10 Facts About Cal McVey


Calvin Alexander McVey was an American professional baseball player during the 1860s and 1870s.

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Cal McVey played on the inaugural National League pennant-winning team, the 1876 Chicago White Stockings.

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Cal McVey was born in rural Montrose, Iowa and moved to Indianapolis at 11, where he learned baseball and soon excelled at the game, playing for the Western and Active clubs in the National Association of Base Ball Players.

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Cal McVey was in the middle of the most controversial game of the Red Stockings' reported 84-game winning streak in 1869 and 1870.

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Cal McVey hired McVey, Charlie Gould, and George Wright to join him, composing almost half the team that just missed winning the first National Association pennant.

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Cal McVey served Boston two seasons as the first catcher, otherwise in the outfield, followed by one season managing in Baltimore and two more seasons in Boston as an outfielder and second catcher.

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The Big Four and Cap Anson led the team to an easy win on the field, with Cal McVey serving as regular first baseman, second pitcher to Spalding, and second catcher to White.

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On July 22 and 25,1876, Cal McVey became the only player in MLB history to record six hits in two straight games.

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In 1878, Cal McVey returned to Cincinnati where he completed his major league career in two seasons as manager and infielder.

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Cal McVey was still a star batsman at the major league level.

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