21 Facts About Capita Group


Capita Group was formed in 1984, as a division of the non-profit CIPFA.

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Capita Group was replaced by his longtime associate Paul Pindar.

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On 1 July 2011, Capita Group acquired Ventura, a customer contact specialist for a cash consideration of £65 million.

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On 28 February 2013, Capita Group bought the Fire Service College from the Department for Communities and Local Government for £10 million.

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On 23 April 2018, Capita Group launched a cash call to raise £701m and reported a £513m loss for the previous financial year.

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On 1 August 2018, Capita Group announced its profits in the six months to 30 June had dropped to £80.

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Capita Group said that from April 2020, it will pay all 40,000 of its employees an independently verified "real living wage".

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Capita Group entered the healthcare recruitment market during May 2011, through acquisition of Team24, a healthcare recruitment specialist owned by Robert Stiff e xtending the services offered within the recruitment industry.

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Capita Group intended to enter into the legal services market and entered into a funding arrangement with the Law Firm Optima Legal Services Limited which saw them, in the period between May 2006, to the end of 2009, invest a total of £36,700,000 by way of investment loans into Optima.

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In 1998, Capita Group won the contract to run Constructionline, the newly created Public-Private Partnership owned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

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In January 2015, Capita Group acquired Constructionline outright from BIS for £35m.

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Three years later, on 31 January 2018, Capita Group announced it wanted to sell Constructionline as part of a transformation programme including disposal of non-core assets and cost cutting.

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In 2015, an undercover investigation by The Daily Telegraph showed that in some cases locum agencies, Medicare and Team24 owned by Capita Group were charging some hospitals higher fees than others and giving false company details.

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In 2014, Capita Group were awarded the contract to introduce postcodes to the Republic of Ireland.

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Liam Duggan, CEO of Capita Group Ireland stated at a Government enquiry in 2014, that they had thoroughly tested the new system for unsuitable words and even used a game of Scrabble for this purpose.

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In 2012, Capita Group was awarded a 10 year long recruiting contract for the British Army, worth £1.

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In 2019, Capita Group won a 12-year contract to operate the Defence Fire and Rescue Service, at 53 sites across the UK, Cyprus, and the Falkland Islands, in a deal worth £525 million.

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The deal saw Capita Group take over all the work of the Defence Fire Training and Development Centre and transfer it to the national Fire Service College- including Royal Air Force firefighter training.

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In 2020, an industry consortium led by Capita Group, called Fisher Training won a contract to deliver shore-based training to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines at 16 sites across the UK.

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Capita Group has not been received well by the public and in the media.

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In September 2021, it was revealed that Capita Group had been paying thousands of its employees below the minimum wage.

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