6 Facts About The Daily Telegraph

1. The Daily Telegraph won "Team of the Year" in 2004 for its coverage of the Iraq War.

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2. The Daily Telegraph began publishing, in instalments from 8 May 2009, certain MPs' expenses.

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3. In June 2014, The Daily Telegraph was criticised by Private Eye for its policy of replacing experienced journalists and news managers with less-experienced staff and search engine optimisers.

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4. On 10 October 2005, The Daily Telegraph relaunched to incorporate a tabloid sports section and a new standalone business section.

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5. In November 2004, The Daily Telegraph celebrated the tenth anniversary of its website, Electronic Telegraph, now re-launched as www.

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6. The Daily Telegraph has the largest circulation for a broadsheet newspaper in the UK and the sixth largest circulation of any UK newspaper as of 2016.

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