37 Facts About Daily Mail

1. Daily Mail is a British daily middle-market tabloid newspaper and news website published in London.

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2. Daily Mail was originally a broadsheet but switched to a compact format on 3 May 1971, the 75th anniversary of its founding.

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3. Daily Mail testified before a House of Lords select committee that "we need to allow editors the freedom to edit", and therefore the newspaper's editor was free to decide editorial policy, including its political allegiance.

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4. The Daily Mail set out to entertain its readers with human interest stories, serials, features and competitions.

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5. In 1900 the Daily Mail began printing simultaneously in both Manchester and London, the first national newspaper to do so.

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6. Printing of the Scottish Daily Mail was switched from Edinburgh to the Deansgate plant in Manchester in 1968 and, for a while, The People was printed on the Mail presses in Deansgate.

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7. In common with other Conservative papers, the Daily Mail used the Anglo-German naval race as a way of criticising the Liberal governments that were in power from 1906 onward, claiming that the Liberals were too pusillanimous in their response to the Tirpitz plan.

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8. When Kitchener died, the Daily Mail reported it as a great stroke of luck for the British Empire.

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9. In 1930 the Daily Mail made a great story of another aviation stunt, awarding another prize of £10,000 to Amy Johnson for making the first solo flight from England to Australia.

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10. The Daily Mail maintained the event until selling it to Media 10 in 2009.

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11. In 1923, Rothermere published a leader in The Daily Mail entitled "What Europe Owes Mussolini", where he wrote about his "profound admiration" for Mussolini, whom he praised for "in saving Italy he stopped the inroads of Bolshevism which would had left Europe in ruins.

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12. The Daily Mail was a frequent sponsor on continental commercial radio stations targeted towards Britain throughout the 1920s and 1930s and periodically voiced support for the legalisation of private radio, something that would not happen until 1973.

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13. From 1923 Lord Rothermere and the Daily Mail formed an alliance with the other great press baron, Lord Beaverbrook.

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14. In early 1930 the two Lords launched the United Empire Party, which the Daily Mail supported enthusiastically.

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15. One of the major themes of The Daily Mail was the opposition to the Indian independence movement and much of Rothermere's opposition to Baldwin was based upon the belief that Baldwin was not sufficiently opposed to Indian independence.

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16. Rothermere and the Daily Mail were editorially sympathetic to Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists.

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17. On 5 May 1946, the Daily Mail celebrated its Golden Jubilee.

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18. In 1947, when the Raj ended, the Daily Mail featured a banner headline reading "India: 11 words mark the end of an empire".

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19. Daily Mail was transformed by its editor during the 1970s and 1980s, David English.

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20. In September 2017, the Daily Mail partnered with Stage 29 Productions to launch DailyMailTV, an international news program produced by Stage 29 Productions in its studios based in New York City with satellite studios in London, Sydney, DC and Los Angeles.

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21. In May 2020 the Daily Mail ended The Sun's 42-year reign as the United Kingdom's highest-circulation newspaper.

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22. The Daily Mail recorded average daily sales of 980,000 copies, with the Mail on Sunday recording weekly sales of 878,000.

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23. Scottish Daily Mail was published as a separate title from Edinburgh starting in December 1946.

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24. In 1995 the Scottish Daily Mail was relaunched, and is printed in Glasgow.

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25. Two foreign editions were begun in 1904 and 1905; the former titled the Overseas Daily Mail, covering the world, and the latter titled the Continental Daily Mail, covering Europe and North Africa.

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26. On international affairs, the Daily Mail broke with the establishment media consensus over the 2008 South Ossetia war between Russia and Georgia.

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27. In 1981, the Daily Mail ran an investigation into the Unification Church, nicknamed the Moonies, accusing them of ending marriages and brainwashing converts.

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28. On 16 July 1993, the Daily Mail ran the headline "Abortion hope after 'gay genes' finding".

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29. In October 2011, the Daily Mail printed an article citing the research, titled "Just ONE cannabis joint can bring on schizophrenia as well as damaging memory.

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30. The Daily Mail began to support McKinnon's campaign in 2009 – with a series of front-page stories protesting against his deportation.

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31. On its website, the Daily Mail described one of the judges as "openly gay.

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32. The Daily Mail was much criticised for running the front-page headline "Never mind Brexit, who won legs-it", accompanying a photograph of Theresa May meeting with Nicola Sturgeon in March 2017, running more than a page of coverage on the two leaders' appearance.

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33. The Daily Mail responded: "There is nothing controversial about the Mail's acquisition of this video, a copy of which the police already had in their possession.

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34. Daily Mail is said to have an "ongoing project to divide all the inanimate objects in the world into ones that either cause or prevent cancer".

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35. In 2011, the Daily Mail published an article titled "Just ONE cannabis joint 'can cause psychiatric episodes similar to schizophrenia' as well as damaging memory".

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36. Carbon Brief complained to the Press Complaints Commission about an article published in the Daily Mail titled "Hidden green tax in fuel bills: How a £200 stealth charge is slipped on to your gas and electricity bills" because the £200 figure was unexplained, unreferenced and, according to Ofgem, incorrect.

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37. Wikipedia's ban of the Daily Mail generated a significant amount of media attention, especially from the British media.

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