24 Facts About Captain Vikram Batra

1. Captain Vikram Batra is honoured with several landmarks being named after him: The historic capture of point 4875 led to the mountain being named 'Batra top' in his honour.

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2. Captain Vikram Batra was awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India's highest military honor on 15 August 1999, the 52nd anniversary of India's independence.

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3. Captain Vikram Batra's daring assault enabled the completion of the capture of Pt 4875 and this broke the will of the enemy.

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4. Captain Vikram Batra had a small force but he fought ferociously to beat back the offensive.

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5. Captain Vikram Batra's commanding officer had ordered him to rest even though his battalion, 13 JAK Rifles, had launched its attack on the Point 4875.

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6. Captain Vikram Batra was lying in a sleeping bag in a tent on the rocky ground near the Mushkoh nullah, and was down with fever and fatigue.

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7. Captain Vikram Batra continued to lead his troops, and then charged at the next enemy position, capturing Point 5140.

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8. Captain Vikram Batra was seriously injured in the process, but insisted on regrouping his men to continue with the mission.

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9. Captain Vikram Batra fired three rockets towards the bunkers on the east side of the feature, before attacking them.

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10. Captain Vikram Batra decided to approach the hill from the rear, aiming to surprise the enemy, and to cut off their withdrawal route.

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11. Captain Vikram Batra would call his parents at least once in ten days.

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12. Captain Vikram Batra informed his parents about his movement and assured them that they need not worry about him.

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13. In January 1999, Captain Vikram Batra was sent on a Commando Course at Belgaum, Karnataka where he excelled.

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14. Captain Vikram Batra was commissioned into the 13th battalion of the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles.

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15. Captain Vikram Batra was selected and underwent a 40-day paratrooping training with his NCC Air Wing unit at Pinjore Airfield and Flying Club, about 35 kilometres away from Chandigarh.

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16. Captain Vikram Batra was a green belt holder in Karate and went on to attend a national level camp in Manali.

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17. Captain Vikram Batra excelled at many sports and represented his school and college in table tennis, Karate and other such games.

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18. Besides being brilliant at studies, Captain Vikram Batra was a keen sportsman and represented his school at the national level during the Youth Parliamentary competitions at Delhi.

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19. Captain Vikram Batra got his primary education from his mother, who herself was a teacher.

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20. Captain Vikram Batra had two sisters: Seema and Nutan.

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21. Captain Vikram Batra was the elder of twin sons, and was born fourteen minutes before his brother, named Vishal.

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22. Captain Vikram Batra was the third child of Girdhari Lal Batra, a government school principal, and Kamal Kanta Batra, a school teacher.

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23. Captain Vikram Batra was born on 9 September 1974, in a small town in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India.

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24. Captain Vikram Batra led one of the toughest operations in mountain warfare in Indian history.

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