28 Facts About Chery


Chery began the production of automobiles in 1999 and their export from China in 2001.

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In 2012, Jaguar Land Rover formed a 50:50 joint venture with Chery dubbed Chery Jaguar Land Rover for the production of Jaguar and Land Rover cars in China.

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Chery has several vehicle assembly and component manufacturing facilities in mainland China, and its vehicles are assembled in around 15 other countries—primarily in factories not owned by the company that use either complete or semicomplete knock-down kits.

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Since the early 2000s, Chery has received criticism for myriad alleged infringements of foreign manufacturers' intellectual property rights.

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Several Chery vehicles appear to have directly copied design elements from various foreign manufacturers.

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Chery was founded in 1997 as a state-owned enterprise by a group of officials from Anhui province and began automobile production in 1999 using a chassis licensed from Volkswagen's SEAT Toledo.

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In that year, Chery solved the problem by piggybacking on a SAIC Motor license, which it did until 2003.

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In 2007, Fiat and Chery signed a memorandum of understanding for the creation of a car-making joint venture.

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Qoros, a car-making joint venture between Chery and Singapore-based Kenon Holdings, was established in 2007.

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In October 2009, Chery announced plans for an assembly plant in Turkey to be built in cooperation with the Turkish automaker Mermerler Otomotiv at a cost of $500 million.

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In 2009, Chery produced 508,500 units, and at this time, it had an annual production capacity around 650,000 units.

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Chery became the seventh-most productive Chinese vehicle manufacturer in 2010 by selling nearly 700,000 units.

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In 2020, there were plans for Chinese auto maker Chery to buy a percentage of Tata Motors in order for Chery to gain entry into the Indian market and in order for Tata Motors to get technology for cars such as the proposed Tata Blackbird.

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Chery has a production base in Jacarei, Brazil, that began construction in July 2011, in a joint effort with the government of the state of Sao Paulo.

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In late 2007, Chery stated that it held a minority ownership in a joint venture with Iranian Khodro and Canadian Solitac as its partners.

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In 2004, Chery expressed interest in exporting knock-down kits to this country, and at present some assembly may occur.

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Chery A3 is assembled since August 2009 in Taichung, Taiwan, by Shengrong Auto, a subsidiary of Prince Motors, a Taiwanese car company.

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In 2008, Chery agreed to export kits to this country, and while an assembly factory was supposed to have become operational in 2010, as of late 2011 Xinhua reported that Chery was conducting a "feasibility study" in regards to "moving production to Thailand".

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Chery has had a partnership with ZAZ since 2006 and manufactures cars from kits at sites in Zaporizhzhia and Chornomorsk.

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Since February 2011, the Chery A13 has been manufactured in Ukraine, where it is rebadged and sold in the country as a ZAZ Forza.

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Chery engines have been bought by Fiat and exported to the US.

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Chery operates car-making joint ventures with Jaguar Land Rover and Israel Corporation, and automotive component-manufacturing joint ventures with Arvin Meritor, Johnson Controls, and PPG Industries.

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Chery has been the top Chinese auto exporter since 2003, and many of its exports may be in the form of knock-down kits destined for overseas assembly.

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In Ukraine, Chery models are sold by UkrAVTO Corp, and partner firms operate sales outlets in other markets as well.

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In some nations, companies Chery cooperates with build models in their own small factories.

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Chery participated in the Dakar Rally in 2010 and 2011, racing with Rely X5 SUVs in both editions.

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Some Chery models have received good marks for safety, however.

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In June 2003 American company General Motors sued Chery accusing it of copying the first generation Daewoo Matiz in its design for the Chery QQ.

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