7 Facts About Land Rover

1. In June 2004, Land Rover released a comprehensive 25 model range of bicycles.

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2. In 1995, Land Rover endorsed the production of a hand-made bicycle using its logo.

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3. In 2005, under Ford ownership, Land Rover became more interested in the club environment.

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4. The current generation of Land Rover used by British Army, the Snatch 2, have upgraded and strengthened chassis and suspension compared to civilian-specification vehicles.

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5. In February 2013, Land Rover unveiled at the 83rd Geneva Motor Show an All-Terrain Electric Defender that produces zero emissions.

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6. In 2006 Ford purchased the Land Rover brand from BMW for around £6 million.

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7. The Land Rover is regarded as a British icon, and was granted a Royal Warrant by King George VI in 1951.

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