53 Facts About Tata Motors


Tata Motors Limited is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company, headquartered in Mumbai, India, which is part of the Tata Group.

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Tata Motors manufactured its first commercial vehicle in 1954 in a collaboration with Daimler-Benz AG, which ended in 1969.

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Tata Motors entered the passenger vehicle market in 1988 with the launch of the TataMobile followed by the Tata Sierra in 1991, becoming the first Indian manufacturer to achieve the capability of developing a competitive indigenous automobile.

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In 1998, Tata Motors launched the first fully indigenous Indian passenger car, the Indica, and in 2008 launched the Tata Motors Nano, the world's most affordable car.

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Tata Motors acquired the South Korean truck manufacturer Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Company in 2004.

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Tata Motors has been the parent company of Jaguar Land Rover since the company established it for the acquisition of Jaguar Cars and Land Rover from Ford in 2008.

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Tata Motors has a construction-equipment manufacturing joint venture with Hitachi, and a joint venture with Stellantis which manufactures automotive components and Fiat Chrysler and Tata branded vehicles.

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Tata Motors has auto manufacturing and vehicle plants in Jamshedpur, Pantnagar, Lucknow, Sanand, Dharwad, and Pune in India, as well as in Argentina, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Thailand.

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Tata Motors is listed on the BSE, where it is a constituent of the BSE SENSEX index, the National Stock Exchange of India, and the New York Stock Exchange.

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Tata Motors is ranked 265th on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world's biggest corporations as of 2019.

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Tata Motors Group entered the commercial vehicle sector in 1954 after forming a joint venture with Daimler-Benz of Germany.

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Tata Motors successfully exported large numbers of car to South Africa.

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In 2004, Tata Motors acquired Daewoo's South Korea-based truck manufacturing unit, Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Company, later renamed Tata Daewoo.

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On 27 September 2004, Ratan Tata, the Chairman of Tata Motors, rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange to mark the listing of Tata Motors.

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Tata Motors continued its market area expansion through the introduction of new products such as buses and trucks.

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In 2006, Tata Motors formed a joint venture with the Brazil-based Marcopolo, Tata Motors Marcopolo Bus, to manufacture fully built buses and coaches.

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In 2008, Tata Motors acquired the English car maker Jaguar Land Rover, manufacturer of the Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford Motor Company.

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In 2012, Tata Motors announced it would invest around 6 billion in the development of Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicles in collaboration with DRDO.

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In 2013, Tata Motors announced it will sell in India, the first vehicle in the world to run on compressed air and dubbed "Mini CAT".

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In 2014, Tata Motors introduced the first Truck Racing championship in India "T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship".

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Tata Motors fell from the 22nd floor to the fourth floor of the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok, where he was to attend a meeting of Tata Motors Thailand.

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On 2 November 2015, Tata Motors announced Lionel Messi as global brand ambassador at New Delhi, to promote and endorse passenger vehicles globally.

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On 27 December 2016, Tata Motors announced the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar as brand ambassador for its commercial vehicles range.

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On 8 March 2017, Tata Motors announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Volkswagen to develop vehicles for India's domestic market.

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On 3 May 2018, Tata Motors announced that it sold its aerospace and defence business to another Tata Group Entity, Tata Advanced Systems, to unlock their full potential.

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On 29 April 2019, Tata Motors announced a partnership with Nirma University in Ahmedabad to provide a B Tech.

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On 24 March 2020, Tata Motors Ltd announced that it would spin off its passenger vehicles arm as a separate unit within the company.

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On 5 March 2021, Tata Motors' shareholders approved hiving off its passenger vehicles business into a separate entity.

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On 23 August 2021 Tata Motors announced it will launch its mini SUV Punch in the ongoing festive season.

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On 30 May 2022 Tata Motors announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire a Ford India manufacturing plant in Sanand, Gujarat.

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Tata Motors has vehicle assembly operations in India, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Thailand, Spain, and South Africa.

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Tata Motors is among the top four passenger vehicle brands in India with products in the compact, midsize car, and utility vehicle segments.

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Tata Motors has more than 250 dealerships in more than 195 cities across 27 states and four Union Territories of India.

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Tata Motors is present in many countries, it has managed to create a large consumer base in the Indian subcontinent, namely India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

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Tata Motors is present in Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Chile, South Africa, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria and Australia.

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Tata Motors has jointly worked with Tata Daewoo to develop trucks such as Novus and World Truck and buses including GloBus and StarBus.

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In 2012, Tata Motors began developing a new line to manufacture competitive and fuel-efficient commercial vehicles to face the competition posed by the entry of international brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Navistar into the Indian market.

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Tata Motors Hispano has plants in Zaragoza, Spain, and Casablanca, Morocco.

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Tata Motors ruled out the possibility of a sale of JLR to another entity.

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In 2017, TAL, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, manufactured India's first industrial articulated robot for micro, small, and medium enterprises.

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Tata Motors European Technical Centre is an automotive design, engineering, and research company based at Warwick Manufacturing Group on the campus of the University of Warwick in England.

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Tata Motors Marcopolo has launched a low-floor city bus which is widely used by transport corporations in many Indian cities.

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Tata Motors has gained access to Fiat's diesel engine and transmission technology through the joint venture.

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TATA Motors European Technical Centre is an automotive design, engineering, and research company.

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Tata Motors has unveiled electric versions of the Tata Indica passenger car powered by TM4 electric motors and inverters, as well as the Tata Ace commercial vehicle, both of which run on lithium batteries which launched in 2022.

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In September 2010, Tata Motors presented four CNG–Electric Hybrid low-floored Starbuses to the Delhi Transport Corporation, to be used during the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

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However, the Nano was very poorly rated for safety and in 2018, Cyrus Mistry, chairman of the Tata Motors Group, called the Tata Motors Nano a failed project, with production ending in May 2018.

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In 2011, Tata Motors invested Rs 1000 crore in Dharwad Plant, Karnataka, with the capacity of 90,000 units annually and launched two models of 0.

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Tata Motors Prima is a range of heavy trucks first introduced in 2008 as the company's 'global' truck.

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Tata Motors Prima was the winner of the 'Commercial Vehicle of the Year' at the Apollo Commercial Vehicles Awards, 2010 and 2012.

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Tata Motors 407 is a light commercial vehicle that has sold over 500,000 units since its launch in 1986.

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Tata Motors Harrier is a 5-seater SUV that rivals the MG Hector and Jeep Compass.

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Tata Motors Harrier is derived from the H5X Concept displayed at the 2018 Auto Expo.

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