17 Facts About Christian fundamentalism


Christian fundamentalism, known as fundamental Christianity or fundamentalist Christianity, is a religious movement emphasizing biblical literalism.

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In keeping with traditional Christian fundamentalism doctrines concerning biblical interpretation, the role of Jesus in the Bible, and the role of the church in society, fundamentalists usually believe in a core of Christian fundamentalism beliefs that includes the historical accuracy of the Bible and all of the events which are recorded in it as well as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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Many churches which embraced Christian fundamentalism adopted a militant attitude with regard to their core beliefs.

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Since 1930, many fundamentalist churches in the Baptist tradition have been represented by the Independent Fundamental Churches of America, while many theologically conservative connexions in the Methodist tradition align with the Interchurch Holiness Convention; in various countries, national bodies such as the American Council of Christian fundamentalism Churches exist to encourage dialogue between fundamentalist bodies of different denominational backgrounds.

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Term "Christian fundamentalism" entered the English language in 1922, and it is often capitalized when it is used in reference to the religious movement.

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Marsden saw Christian fundamentalism arising from a number of preexisting evangelical movements that responded to various perceived threats by joining forces.

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In Canada, Christian fundamentalism was less prominent, but an early leader was English-born Thomas Todhunter Shields, who led 80 churches out of the Baptist federation in Ontario in 1927 and formed the Union of Regular Baptist Churches of Ontario and Quebec.

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Christian fundamentalism was affiliated with the Baptist Bible Union, based in the United States.

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Christian fundamentalism was one of the founders of the international Council of Christian Churches.

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The American Council of Christian fundamentalism Churches was founded for fundamental Christian fundamentalism denominations as an alternative to the National Council of Churches.

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Much of the enthusiasm for mobilizing Christian fundamentalism came from Protestant seminaries and Protestant "Bible colleges" in the United States.

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Edwards challenges the consensus view among scholars that in the wake of the Scopes trial, Christian fundamentalism retreated into the political and cultural background, a viewpoint which is evidenced in the movie "Inherit the Wind" and the majority of contemporary historical accounts.

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Logos Foundation, an influential and controversial Christian fundamentalism ministry, flourished in Australia in the 1970s and 1980s under the leadership of Howard Carter, originally a Baptist pastor from Auckland in New Zealand.

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Range Christian fundamentalism Fellowship is part of the church unity movement in Toowoomba, with other like-minded churches.

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The Range Christian fundamentalism Fellowship has wholeheartedly thrown itself into citywide events that are viewed as a foundation for stimulating revival, which have included Easterfest, "Christmas the Full Story", and continuous 24-hour worship-events.

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The independence of the church is claimed and affiliation with a Christian fundamentalism denomination is infrequent, although there are fundamentalist denominations.

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Christian fundamentalism has been linked to child abuse and mental illness as well as to corporal punishment, with most practitioners believing that the Bible requires them to spank their children.

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