10 Facts About Denys Prokopenko


Denys Hennadiyovych Prokopenko is a Ukrainian military officer, a Lieutenant Colonel in the National Guard of Ukraine, and Commander of the Azov Regiment.

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Denys Prokopenko is known as Redis an old football fan nickname which became his military call sign.

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Denys Prokopenko's subordinates are reported to address him informally as “Brother Redis” or “Comrade Redis”.

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Denys Prokopenko's grandfather was the sole member of his family to survive serving in the Finnish Defence Forces when the Soviet Union invaded Finland in the Russo–Finnish Winter War of 1939 and 1940.

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Consequently, the young Denys Prokopenko today considers his fight to defend Ukraine against Russian imperialism from Moscow a personal matter, closely intertwined with his own family history:.

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Denys Prokopenko graduated from the Department of Germanic Philology at Kyiv National Linguistic University, where he earned a degree with a specialty in teaching English.

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Denys Prokopenko played sports, and was one of the enthusiastic football fans of the football club Dynamo Kyiv.

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From 11 July 2014 Denys Prokopenko has participated in the War in Donbas, initially as an enlisted soldier and then as leader of a platoon and a company.

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Major Denis Denys Prokopenko received the highest honor “for bravery, for effective tactics to repel enemy attacks, and for protection of the hero city of Mariupol.

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On 12 April 2022, Denys Prokopenko appeared in a video message, to report on charges that Russian chemical weapons had been dropped onto Mariupol in a drone attack: “yesterday the occupiers used a poisonous substance of unknown origin against military and civilians in Mariupol.

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